Macbeth played by Dario Pena May 15, 2009 at Sing Sing Maximum Security Correctional Facility in Ossining, New York. Prisoners, with the help of Rehabilitation Through The Arts (RTA), performed a production of Shakespeare’s Macbeth with two shows for fellow prisoners and one for community guests. RTA is a privately funded program, created in 1998. Their goal was to help fill the gap left after all publicly funded higher education and enrichment programs were withdrawn from the New York State Prison system. Shakespeare’s protagonist Macbeth is an antihero who murders in order to fulfill his ambitions but is plagued and haunted by his crimes. The play’s theme is a simple one but grows complex when it becomes clear that Shakespeare wants the audience to empethize with the criminal Macbeth. Original Filename: BigHouseMacbeth_Sabo000053.JPG

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