The New Russia Cultural Center is still seeking actors for 3 minor, but notable, character roles, for their new adaptation of Gorenstein’s BERDICHEV, now titled The Family That Never Happened.  

GRIGORY TIBER — Retired military officer, celebrating his son’s wedding  (40-70)

TOLYA                  —  Macho, over-the-hill Soviet athlete  (30-60)

MAKZANIK         — Factory poet and populist  (30-70)

These roles may be double-cast.   A full rehearsal schedule is available.  

Gorenstein, best known for scripting the 1972 film “Solaris”, portrays the everyday life of a Jewish family after the Holocaust in Central Ukraine.  It is an unsentimental story about post-Holocaust Jews, separated from their culture, history and people, who nonetheless survive through laughter and tears.   It was the surprise hit of the season at its world premiere at the Mayakovsky Theater in Moscow in 2014.  The NRCC American premiere will be performed in both English and Russian, with separate casts.

DIRECTOR:  OLEG GOLUB — Director, actor (Russian Academy of Theater Arts, Moscow), TV host, screenwriter, and theater jurist.  (More information at web site.)

PERFORMANCE DATES (English Language cast):  January 15, 2022 and January 21, 2022, at the new Neil and Jane Golub Theater in the Schenectady Boys and Girls Club.  

To schedule an audition,  please contact or call 518-382-9438

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