Alice In Wonderland

December 3, 4 at 3:pm
General Admission: $15 for Students/Seniors – $20 for adults
Location: Steamer No.10 Theatre, 500 Western Ave. Albany 12203
Info: (518) 438-5503

In pursuit of a rabbit in a hurry, Alice tumbles into a world of adventure – where March Hares and Mad Hatters take tea, and a grinning Cheshire Cat appears and disappears like magic! Alice’s adventures in Wonderland take her on a journey full of mystery and mayhem, meeting Lewis Carroll’s peculiar range of characters along the way – each of them “curiouser and curiouser” than the last!

Join the cast of Alice in Wonderland as Alice takes her journey through one of the strangest places that any child has ever wandered. Is it all nonsense, or just plain fantasy and fun.

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