Theatre Department
Theatre Honors Screening
Keepers of Miskatonic
Written and Directed by John Murphy ’21
May 1 | 5:00 PM | Virtual | FreeMay 2 | 7:00 PM | Virtual | Free
A presentation of a few scenes and selected work from Keepers of Miskatonic, a film written and directed by John Murphy to complete the degree in Theatre with Honors. Drawing on the cosmic horror genre, the script follows Professor Theodore Smallchild (Woogie Jung) and Ret Wood (Bianca Arce) as they track a mysterious beast responsible for several disappearances at a small college in New England, facing off with a dean (Joel Lee) who seems hell-bent on halting the investigation. Student designers on the project include Producers Samori Ettiene and Ryan Crants, Director of Photography Arjun Pothuri, Production Designer Alexa Walkovitz, Assistant Director Jamie Nichols, and Composer Harry Wilcox.

Content Warning: material contains violent imagery, flashing imagery, depicts death and gore, and briefly references sexual assault and mental health.

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