Come audition for Plague Wedding! Plague Wedding, written by Abigail Weaver and directed by Ezekiel Baskin, will be a spectacle of song, drama and survival — an examination of how a community attempts to sacrifice their most vulnerable members for the benefit of the powerful, and how the would-be sacrifices fight back.

Auditions will be held May 5th at 7:00pm and May 6th at 5:30pm via Zoom. Performances will be July 8-10 in Florence, MA. The show will be an interactive livestreamed production, with the potential for a small in-person audience, depending on COVID safety and performer and production team comfort levels. Rehearsals will begin via Zoom, followed by outdoors in-person rehearsals in Western MA, and move into the (large, well ventilated) space for tech and production. We know this will likely be the first in-person production for many team members since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, and we will hold space for both the feelings and the safety concerns that come along with that. Actors will be paid a $100 stipend for their work on this project.

Available roles include:
The Wedding Jester: Joe Petoski. A rhyming, vaudeville clowning, two-bit comedian with an unwitting sense the divine. More emotional than the conditions really allows them to be. Think divine messenger archetype finds out how to be human by watching too much late night tv.
The MC: Cal Harrison. A showman, cavalier, maximalist. Barely capable of masking his brutality when the cameras are rolling. Think used-car salesman goes to divinity school.
The Bride: Hannah. A pathologically realistic young adult who lives in a graveyard. ANGRY. Think Leah from “The Dybbuk” meets Riot Grrl.
The Groom: Silas. Intuitive, grounded and open where Hannah is tense and guarded. An older wheelchair-bound veteran. We are looking to prioritize casting a disabled actor for this role; the specific nature of the character’s disability may change dependent on casting.

All roles are open to actors of all gender and racial identities~

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