Fall Chandelier Productions will be presenting Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple, Female Version” on July 21 -24 at the Hudshores Park and Pavilion. Auditions will finish this Thursday , May 20 at 8 p.m. We are looking for two men to play the roles of the Costazeula Brothers and for a few additional females to share the lead roles. Please email us at fallenchandelierproductions@gmail.com for a zoom audition link! People WAY OVER 30 are welcome!

 The Odd Couple, Female Version Character Descriptions

*Olive Madison, age a30*+ Olive is a successful television producer. She is intelligent, attractive and wisecracking, with a good sense of humor and she’s a complete slob when it comes to her surroundings. She has an encyclopedic understanding of sports, is a complete pushover for her ex-husband, and a good friend

*Florence Unger, age 30+* Florence is attractive, very well groomed, neat and has just broken up with her husband. She takes herself very seriously, likes to clean, decorate and cook and is very good at all three. Flo is also intelligent, warm-hearted (in her own way), and has no sense of humor (at least about herself) she does NOT make jokes. She can also, without meaning to, make Olive feel guilty.

*Sylvie, age 30+* Sylvie is desperately trying to stop smoking, and so sucks on lollipops or chews gum. She can get irritated with her friends, but has a good sense of humor, especially about her husband.

*Mickey, age 30+* Mickey is a police officer, who is down-to-earth, plain talking, and has a good understanding of people. Sometimes she can take the “police bit” too far and she tries very hard to be in control of all situations.

*Renee, age 30+* Renee is Sylvie?s best friend. She can be very plain-spoken, especially when she points out Olive’s failings as a hostess, and then Flo’s. She is single and dating a doctor.

*Vera, age 30+* Vera is very sweet, very nice, somewhat spacey, and, although quite smart, is often a step or two behind her friends. She’s very funny but doesn’t realize it. She is married to Harry.

*Manolo Costazuela, age 30 + * Manolo is handsome, very well groomed, and Spanish. He is every woman’s dreamdate and showers both Olive and Flo with attention. He must have good comic timing, as he gets VERY emotional. He is sensitive and appreciates Florence’s sensitivity.

* Jesus Costazuela*, age 30 + Jesus is Manolo’s younger brother, who is also very handsome, well-groomed, excellent posture, very romantic, and he also gets very emotional, and truly appreciates Florence.

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