Auditions for Nietzsche! The Musical at the Fort Salem Theater

Book, Lyrics, Music by Kimerer LaMothe
Music and Music Direction by Geoffrey Gee
Directed by Kyra Gee

Announcing auditions for a staged reading of Nietzsche! The Musical – an original musical based on the life and legacy of the philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. This musical focuses on the tangled, personal relationships that shaped Nietzsche’s fight against the anti-Semitism of his time, and his desire to create a philosophy that affirms life. For more about the musical, see:

The reading will be performed on Saturday, August 21, at 7 PM, indoors with a socially distanced in-person audience of 33% (65 seats maximum).  Fort Salem Theater?s COVID procedures are available online at, and will be strictly enforced.

In-person rehearsals for the reading will take place at the Fort Salem Theater in Salem, NY: Monday-Wednesday, August 16-18, from 9 AM-5 PM, and Thursday-Friday, August 19-20, from 5-10 PM. Two hours of individual, virtual rehearsals with the director and music director will be scheduled at the actor’s convenience sometime during the week before.

Actors will receive a $250 stipend.

The roles listed are currently available and are open to actors of all ethnicities and gender identities.
Please submit a 1-minute video of yourself singing a contemporary, up-tempo musical theater song.
Video submissions are currently being accepted through Monday, June 7th.

* To submit your audition video, visit: <> *

Available Roles:
RICHARD WAGNER: (Stage age 50?s). Baritone with a belt. Elegant, arrogant, volatile composer, who becomes Nietzsche’s mentor, surrogate father, and eventually, nemesis. Note: this role contains anti-Semitic language.
BERNHARD FORSTER: (Stage age 30-40). Baritone. Charming, upright, uptight husband of Elisabeth Nietzsche who moves with her to Paraguay to found a colony for the pure Aryan race. Note: this role contains anti-Semitic language and references to suicide.
CARL VON GERSDORFF (Stage age: 20-30). Tenor. Long-time, fun-loving best friend of Fritz who helps him as confidante and editor.
Actors playing these roles will also be invited to play additional smaller roles, and sing in the ensemble.

Additional questions?
Kimerer LaMothe
Email: klamothe at

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