Confetti Stage‘s Confetti Fest is the longest running festival of locally written one acts in the Capital Region. Come be a part of a Capital Region theatrical tradition.

Auditions will be held on August 24 and 25 from 7 PM to 9 PM at the Albany Masonic Temple, 67 Corning Place, Albany, NY 12207.

Actors are asked to bring a 60 second monologue of any style. Auditions will consist of monologues and cold readings from sides. Actors auditioning for “Grace Notes” should also be prepared to sing.

*Please note that actors will be asked to furnish proof of vaccination against COVID 19 at auditions.*

Actors must be available for tech October 29 and 30, dress rehearsals November 1-4, and performances November 5-7 and 11-14.

Confetti Fest XVII features…

“Grace Notes” by Ingrid Madelayne, directed by Peter Kantor

In the early days of the 2020 Quarantine, a lonely woman struggles with depression, as she faces recent and past tragedies. Through “socially distant” conversation and singing, a friendly neighbor helps her to find hope and purpose again.

WOMAN: Female, 55+. At start, she is lethargic, unkempt, clearly struggling, probably clinically depressed. She is an experienced, confident choral ALTO; will sing 4-5 short, a cappella duets with NEIGHBOR, portions of songs in various genres (pop, folk, spirituals.)

NEIGHBOR: Female, indeterminate age – is never seen full on. The yang to WOMAN?s yin, she is cheerful, optimistic, chatty. She is also an experienced choral SOPRANO; will sing 4-5 short, a cappella duets with WOMAN, portions of songs in various genres (pop, folk, spirituals.)

SUSAN: Female, 55+ Landlord and downstairs neighbor, friendly, helpful, do-gooder.

**NOTE: Actors auditioning for Woman and Neighbor should prepare 16-32 bars of choral, folk, or spiritual music, and be prepared to sing a capella**

“Desert Roses” by Sean T. Baldwin, directed by Yvonne Perry

Nurse Clare Hansen has been kidnapped by the feared Crow County Copperhead. Much to her surprise, the Copperhead unmasks herself as a woman and asks for Clare’s help. Through manipulation, humiliation, and a nurse’s innate ability to see their patient’s thoughts, the two discover one another’s deepest secrets and gain a mutual understanding of each other. Seeing her kidnapper’s inner struggle and good intentions, Clare agrees to help the bandit just in time for the posse to arrive.

Clare Hansen – 20’s or 30’s. A young woman from a privileged New York background who attended nursing school. Her goal in life is to be a surgeon, but she has been denied at every turn simply for being a woman. She has the bravery of someone who is used to being in a high stress environment and an intuitive mind that lends itself to reading people.

The Bandit/June – The Crow County Copperhead. Slightly older than Clare. She is of mixed heritage and should be played by a person of color. She is used to being on the outskirts of society and takes no joy in her crimes. Ultimately, they are a means to an end for someone she loves. Deep down, she’s much more altruistic than her career suggests.

Sheriff Baker and Jimmy Crowley – Two offstage male voices. Sheriff Baker is an authority figure who has been hunting the Bandit for some time. Jimmy Crowley is a teenage boy in need of medical attention.

“Orlando at Dawn” by Judith Barlow, directed by Tristan Strasser

On a road trip through deepest Florida, Laurel Miller and her niece Courtney discover their very different approaches to life. Can a fortyish ex-hippie and her fastidious tween niece find common ground as they argue about everything from Minnie Mouse to Transcendental Meditation.

Laurel Miller – 40 to 45, is an ex-hippie whose apparently lighthearted attitude doesn’t quite cover her emotional battle scars. She’s wearing cut-off jeans and an old tee-shirt, possibly bearing a political slogan or the name of a 60s band.

Courtney Miller – a tween (eleven to twelve-and-a-half). She’s preternaturally mature, a budding environmentalist with New Age leanings. Courtney is neatly dressed in a white blouse tucked into shorts.

“Gravity” by Laura Darling, directed by Amanda Brinke Dorman

When the weight of the thoughts in your own mind seem to hold you down, who can you turn to? Can you repair damage that someone else gave you? What if the “cure” hurts more than the scar tissue on your soul? “Gravity” is an in depth look at a therapy session, asking questions that are more common behind closed doors than society will allow us to openly discuss.

SHE-  is a female, aged anywhere between 20 and 47. She has been attending therapy for a while to “get better” regarding a sexual assault in her past. She faces the weight of that memory, and its impact on her current life. She is scared, she is angry, she is tired, and she is more of us than we are comfortable admitting. Actress must be ready/comfortable to talk about potentially triggering events without turning it into a shouting match.

Someone- Her therapist. This person tries very hard to help, and maybe they even do. Trying to help someone process this type of pain and trauma is like trying to command a storm by words alone.  They can be a rock to hold on to, or a stone that sinks you further. Actor/actress will need nuance in delivery and be prepared for a scene with difficult conversations and topics.

“The Eye of Selene” by Matt Reichel, directed by Ryan Gangemi

When a woman in ancient Greece tries to elope with her one true love, a final confrontation with her father threatens to upend her whole plan.

Daphne, a woman in her 20s. Recently betrothed but in love with another. She hatches a plan to run from home.

Amara, a woman in her 20s. Daphne’s true love and her unwavering partner. About to join her in running away.

Pylas, a man in his 50s. Daphne’s father and a war hero. He confronts his daughter before she can escape.

Please contact Confetti Stage with any questions at We hope to see you there!

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