Playhouse Stage is casting our Summer 2022 outdoor production of HEAD OVER HEELS, the musical comedy featuring the music of The Go-Gos. Seeking diverse talent of all races, nationalities, gender identities and physical types. Rehearsals June, 2022 in Cohoes, NY . Performances at Park Playhouse in Albany’s Washington Park through July, 2022. All roles paid weekly salary. Housing accommodations may be available. Union and nonunion talent are encouraged to submit.

To submit for possible remote appointment, please email headshot & resume along with video reel or link to videos of any Broadway or rock song to


King of Arcadia. A sexy, good ol’ boy. A hothead, but not a despot. Blindly thinks Arcadia is doing great under his masculine rule, which will be sorely tested during the course of the show. Baritone, G# to B.

Queen of Arcadia. Sexy, wise, beautiful. Like any longstanding spouse, knows how to get her way with her husband when push comes to shove. Alto/Mezzo, Eb to E.

Basilius and Gynecia’s older daughter. Confident and obsessed with her appearance. Known to be the most beautiful bachelorette throughout Arcadia.  Significant vocal range & belt required, D to Gb.

Basilius and Gynecia’s younger daughter. Shy and a “good girl”, she yearns to follow her heart rather than obey her father’s orders. Soprano, G to B.

The King’s viceroy; father to Mopsa. Tenor, A to G#.

Handmaiden to Pamela. Warm, skeptical. Growing up without a mother has made her wise beyond her years about everyone and everything, which is why she is the (sometime) narrator to the show. Mezzo w/ strong belt, G# to F.

A young shepherd who courts after Philoclea. Impeccable comic timing. Tenor, E to C.

The Oracle; powerful, mysterious. Demanding. Great sense of humor–can see through everyone–they are the Oracle of Delphi, after all. Performers isn’t limited to gender identity and ethnicity. Seeking non-binary, gender non-conforming, trans male or trans female artist. Vocal range flexible.

Unique, charismatic individuals to inhabit the kingdom of Arcadia. Strong dancer/singers required.

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