Pioneer Valley Performing Arts Charter Public School
“Perhaps, Unfortunately… ” with four short plays
12/17/21, 12/18/21 Snow Date: 12/19/21 4:00pm
PVPA 15 Mulligan Drive, South Hadley, MA 01075

The Pioneer Valley Performing Arts (PVPA) Charter Public School is pleased to present our Winter Mainstage Production: “Perhaps, Unfortunately…” Presenting the audience with four short plays, each directed and performed by PVPA students, these works offer sometimes humorous, sometimes dark, and always thought-provoking insights into what it means to be human in the world today.  

Chances in the Rain
By Robert Scott  
Directed by: Taryn McDonough Class of 2024
Edward and Michelle are waiting for their dates in the same park. Both seem to have been stood up.  But there are two other lonely people on hand… Watch as a series of chance encounters and faulty timing sets four strangers onto an unexpected collision course. A heartwarming and chuckle-producing play on the simple joys of love and coincidence… oh, and bring an umbrella!

By Analua Moreira (PVPA Class of 2020)
Directed by: Natalia Jacobs Class of 2022
What if corporations had access to our innermost thoughts and private information?
In a not too distant future, human rights lawyer Violet Rhodes delves into a newfound memory retrieval process. Her goal? To dig for a lost truth, and what she unearths will shock us all.
Lua Moreira’s (Class of 2021) debut play implores us to consider, what happens when the boundaries between personal and public information are blurred? How truthful is a system that promises to protect our privacy? And most importantly, what harm can be done with the power of our memories?

Circle Line
By Jill Elaine Hughes
Directed by Greta Muellner class of 2022
A dark comedy about two couples pushed to their limits waiting for the subway train to arrive, when one of the women takes extreme action in an attempt to goad her husband into being a great hero.

The Lottery
Based on the story by Shirley Jackson.
Dramatized by Brainerd Duffield
Directed by Anna Long Class of 2022

“Lottery in June, corn be heavy soon.”

This is the adage the community has lived by for years. The longstanding tradition of The Lottery has been passed down from generation to generation. But just because something has always been done doesn’t mean it should be continued.

Based on the short story by Shirley Jackson, this chilling and thought-provoking piece calls upon us to question the fallacies of tradition– to ask ourselves, what absurd lengths can a community reach in order to conform to their ideal of a ‘civilized’ society?

Taryn McDonough, Natalia Jacobs, Greta Muellner, Anna Long

Faculty Advisor
Molly Scerbo

Reservation Info:
Ticket reservations at 413-552-1590, email at, or here.
Tickets sold at the door on first come, first serve basis.

Until further notice, masks will be required for all audience members.

Box office opens 1 hour prior to show.

Intermission Info:
There will be one 15 minute intermission.

Ticket Prices
General Admission $10.00
Military / Seniors $7.00
Alumni $5.00
Students $3.00

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