Lyrics & Book by BRIAN CRAWLEY
Based on “The Ugliest Pilgrim” by DORIS BETTS

Director: TJ Collins

Producer: Robb Collins-Gutierrez

Audition Dates:

·         Monday, February 7th and Wednesday, February 9th at 7pm.  Sign in begins at 6:30pm

·         You only need to attend one of these sessions.

·         If needed, Callbacks will be held on Thursday, February 10th (invitation only)


Schenectady Light Opera Company Education Building
418 Liberty Street, Schenectady, NY 12305
Free parking is available in the city owned lot across the street

Performance Dates:

May 6-15, 2022 (Thursday, Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2pm)

SLOC Mainstage, 427 Franklin Street, Schenectady, NY 12305

What to Prepare:

·         Please prepare 16 to 32 bars of music from a Broadway show – ideally in a style similar to the show or from the show itself.

·         Please bring your own sheet music; an accompanist will be provided.

·         Please bring a calendar with all your conflicts to the audition as well.  

·         Actors should be prepared to read from the script, readings will be given at auditions.

·         Please bring appropriate clothing/shoes for a dance call, all cast will dance at some point.


·         Rehearsals will be held on Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings, and on Sunday afternoons. This is subject to change based on cast/crew availability.

·         Rehearsals will begin on Sunday, February 13th

·         Attendance is mandatory for Tech Week (May 1-5, 2022) and all performances.

Commitment to COVID Safety:
The health and safety of our artists, staff, and audience members are our first priority.  Please review our full COVID Health & Safety Guidelines.   All actors, staff and crew will be expected to follow these guidelines including wearing a mask at all times while on the SLOC campus.  

*All actors, staff, and crew will need to show proof that they are fully vaccinated by the time rehearsal begins* 

About the Show:

This multi-award-winning musical follows a scarred woman who embarks on a cross-country bus trip to be healed by a minister… discovering the true meaning of beauty along the way.


*Ages are suggestions, we encourage anyone 18 years of age or older to audition! The exception is Young Violet who should read 10-13.

VIOLET | F | 18- 30 Caucasian | Mezzo with strong musical theater belt | 

The title character, a young North Carolina woman whose face was scarred in a childhood accident. She is stubborn and prickly, but filled with equal parts hope and obsession that she may be healed and made beautiful.

FLICK | M | 18-30 African-American | Baritone with strong musical theater belt |

A soldier; a dreamer and go-getter. He doesn’t enjoy the army, but enjoys the respect it garners him. There is something gentle and good about him, not to be interpreted or confused with weakness or lack of authority.

MONTY | M | 18-30 Caucasian | Tenor |

A paratrooper and Flick’s friend from basic training. Rough around the edges. Self-consumed, but not necessarily purposefully so. Fighting his own demons.

YOUNG VIOLET | F | 10-15 yrs. | Caucasian | Mezzo |

Not quite as guarded or prickly as her older self, but still tough and stubborn. She has a keen curiosity and the rough edges of being brought up solely by her father.  

FATHER | M | 35-45 Caucasian | Baritone |

A simple, widowed man who lovingly raises his daughter alone doing the best he can with little knowledge or resources. Stern but friendly, smart but uneducated. Accidentally scars Violet’s face while he is chopping wood.

OLD LADY and others | F | Any Ethnicity | Alto |

A former beauty in her heyday. Staunch, tired and frustrated with life. Must be able to play both sweet and “down and dirty.” Actor doubles as Hotel Hooker.

PREACHER and others [Any Ethnicity and gender] Tenor |

An impassioned, theatrical man who preaches with all the bravado he can muster. Once had a true healing touch but has lost it in his quest to become a showman. Dismissive and egotistical. Actor doubles as Radio Singer, Bus Driver, and Bus Passenger.

VIRGIL [various possible ages] Caucasian | Tenor | 

The Preacher’s assistant. Knows the smoke and mirrors of the Preacher’s show and must begrudgingly deal with anyone who might derail it. Actor doubles as Billy Dean, Bus Driver, Radio Singer, and Bus Passenger.

MUSIC HALL SINGER | F | 35-45 | Any Ethnicity | Alto/Mezzo with strong blues belt | 

The solo performer at a dance hall in Memphis. Actor doubles as Bus Passenger.

LULU BUFFINGTON | F | 40-70 | African-American | Alto with strong gospel belt | 

A soloist in the volunteer choir that sings for the Preacher’s telecast. Sings for God with passion and power. Actor doubles as Almeta (Landlady) and Bus Passenger.

LEROY EVANS | M | 45-70 | Caucasian | Baritone | 

A citizen of Spruce Pine with a dog named Roscoe. Not very bright. Actor doubles as Radio Soloist, Bus Driver, and Bus Passenge

Schenectady Light Opera Company pledges to continue advocating for and aiming to build a diverse cast reflective of the Schenectady community. Any and all ethnicities, BIPOC actors and actors of all gender identities are encouraged to audition for all roles. And, whether or not you’ve been part of past SLOC productions, we welcome you to audition! for more information. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Director, TJ Collins ( Thank you! 

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