NorthEast Theatre Ensemble is thrilled to announce that we will be holding auditions for “Swept Clean”, an environmentally immersive project in collaboration with Cherry Hill Mansion, written by Dr. Krysta Dennis and directed by Janet Hurley Kimlicko.

            Swept Clean tells the story of Catherine Rankin, who came of age in a time when the aristocratic families in the U.S. were losing their influence as industrialism took the place of class based structures. Catherine descended from one of the Dutch founding families in Albany, the Van Rensselaers, clings to history and tradition.

            When her family’s unwise financial decisions result in the ancestral home being put up for auction, Catherine must find a way to preserve her own family’s home and the pieces of American history contained within its walls.


MINNIE KNAPP – African American ward of Elmendorf Family, 32, servant

JIMMY KNAPP – African American ward of Elmendorf Family, a musician, 41, employed by another relative.

MARY BURLE – Servant, Mixed Race, 19-21.

CATHERINE PUTNAM – Caucasian, aristocrat, a charming woman, 27.

EDWARD RANKIN – Caucasian, 34, Lawyer who wishes to marry Catherine

EDWARD RANKIN SR. – Caucasian, Edward’s father, pragmatic lawyer, 64

AUNT HAT – Harriet Maria Van Rensselaer Elmendorf, 68, aristocratic

HARRIET GOULD – Aunt Hat’s daughter, 40

JOHN GOULD – 45, charming to outsiders, a doctor, but unkind to his wife.

2 Colonial gossipy Dammes from Albany Society.

Auditions will be held at Cherry Hill Mansion, 523 S. Pearl St, Albany, New York from 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm on February 26th.

Performances will be May 6, 7, 8, 13, 14, 20, 21, 22.

Please note that we will require proof of covid vaccination. Masks required on site.

Sides will be available at the auditions

Please bring a headshot and resume.

Please reply to to secure a time slot.

There is a stipend for this project.

If you have any interest in behind the scenes positions, please reach out as well

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