The Two Of Us Productions, in collaboration with the Claverack Free Library, is pleased to announce auditions for A SHAYNA  MAIDEL by Barbara Lebow.

·         Audition:  Thursday March 10th at 7pm

·         Audition:  Saturday March 12th 11am

·         Callback: Tuesday March  15th at 7pm (as needed

·         All auditions and callbacks will be at the Dutch Reformed Church, 88 Rt. 9, Claverack NY.

·         All roles are available. 

·         Sides will be provide at audition.  If potential auditioners would like to look at sides in advance please write the director at

·         COVID vaccination is required in order to be cast.  Please bring proof of vaccination to your audition. 

Performances are at the Claverack Free Library in Claverack NY on  May 13, 14, 15 & the following weekend of May 20, 21, & 22, 2022. 


Barbara Lebow’s play A Shayna Maidel, first produced in 1985, dramatizes the saga of the Weiss family, Polish Jews whose lives are irrecoverably altered by the HolocaustA Shayna Maidel is a memory play in that it is set in three times: when Mordechai is born in 1876, when his two daughters (Rose White and Lusia Weiss Pechenik) are reunited in New York City during the present (1946), and when Lusia has flashbacks of her life in Poland immediately before and after the Holocaust.  Lusia has survived Auschwitz, and the Red Cross and the Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society have contacted her father to inform him that she is coming to New York. Mordechai insists that she come to live with her sister, Rose. This order from her father upsets Rose because she does not remember her sister and thus feels uncomfortable about sharing an apartment with her. In addition, Rose, having come to New York at the age of four, has become fully Americanized and has even changed her name from Rayzel Weiss to Rose White. Although she is not ashamed of being Jewish, she has distanced herself from her past in Poland and her Jewish heritage; she does not even keep kosher, which disturbs Mordechai. The main reason Rose feels uncomfortable about living with Lusia is her guilt: she has enjoyed a peaceful and uneventful life in New York while her sister suffered unspoken atrocities during the Holocaust. Mordechai, his wife, and his two daughters were supposed to leave Poland for New York, but before they could leave, Lusia contracted scarlet fever and had to remain in Poland with her mother. Therefore, Mordechai had taken Rose (Rayzel) with him to New York and had intended to have his wife and Lusia join them after the daughter recovered. But when the war breaks out, mother and daughter cannot leave the country. Lusia initially does not mind being left behind because she can remain with her best friend Hanna and because she has fallen in love with Duvid. Lusia marries Duvid, and they have a child (Sprinze) together, but eventually Lusia, her mother, husband, child, and best friend are taken to Auschwitz. Only Lusia and Duvid survive the ordeal, and Lusia, grieving for her mother, baby, and best friend, arrives in New York to live with the relatives who left Poland before the war and to attempt to track down Duvid, whom she believes is alive and looking for her.

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