Oldcastle Theatre Company in Bennington, VT seeks Equity Actors (and those interested in joining the union) for our 50th Anniversary Season (there are no non-union roles available).

Oldcastle Theatre Company Artistic Director: Nathan Stith
Associate Artistic Director: Richard Howe
Executive Director: Jennifer Jasper
Oldcastle Theatre Company
331 Main Street
Bennington VT 05201

Equity LOA Contract.  Final contract pending.  2021 salary was $470/wk.

Season includes:
Souvenir: A Fantasia on the Life of Florence Foster Jenkins by Stephen Temperley
Directed by Nathan Stith
First Rehearsal May 31
Runs June 17-26

Fully Committed by Becky Mode
Directed by Jennifer Jasper
First Rehearsal July 5
Runs July 22-31

Sheepdog by Kevin Artigue
Directed by Kirk Jackson
First Rehearsal August 9
Runs August 26-September 4

It’s a Wonderful Life: A Live Radio Play by Joe Landry
Directed by Christine Decker
First Rehearsal November 22
Runs Dec. 9-18

Please read video submission instructions carefully.  Please slate before your monologue with full name, title of piece, and what production(s) you are submitting for.  Submit a link to the video (do not attach the recording file) along with your headshot and resume.  Please ensure that you provide any necessary passwords to access video links.  All submissions should be sent to casting@oldcastletheatre.org.  PLEASE LIST THE SHOW(S) YOU ARE AUDITIONING FOR IN THE SUBJECT LINE OF YOUR EMAIL AND NOTE THAT YOU ARE A LOCAL ACTOR.

DEADLINE: 5pm ET, March 8, 2022.  No submissions accepted after deadline.

If auditioning for SOUVENIR please present a 1 minute comedic monologue and EITHER an aria of your choosing sung both legit and in the style of Florence Foster Jenkins OR two versions of “Ave Maria” (sheet music and accompaniment provided) – one legit and one in the style of Florence Foster Jenkins.

If auditioning for FULLY COMMITTED (seeking women only for this role)  prepare 2 comedic contemporary monologues that showcase character and vocal range and/or dialects. Excerpts from the play are encouraged in lieu of 1 monologue.

If auditioning for SHEEPDOG prepare 1 contemporary dramatic monologue.

Auditions for IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE will be held at a later date.



SOUVENIR by Stephen Temperley
Florence Foster Jenkins:  Eccentric but lovable.  A wealthy society woman who, thoush she believes herself to be a great soprano, has no voice and is incapable of singing two notes in tune.  Her belief in her talent, however, and her dedication to music and the art of singing is absolute.  She behaves at times as if she is a major vocal artist.  There must be no hint of mockery.  In addition to singing in the style of Jenkins (actors are encouraged to listen to recordings available online) the actor must also be a legit soprano and sing well. 

Cosme McMoon: This role is cast.

Sam: (female) An actor from the Midwest. Early to mid-30’s she is employed as a reservationist at Manhattan’s number-one restaurant. While managing the constantly ringing reservation line and needs of her superiors and co-workers she navigates her relationship with her family, agent and comes to term with her life choices. This role requires vocal and physical dexterity, as the actor also plays the 31+ additional characters. This is a fast-paced tour de force solo show. Physical comedy, stamina, dialect training are essential. Seeking Female performers of any race/ethnicity     

SHEEPDOG by Kevin Artigue.
Amina: Female. Early to Mid-30’s, African-American, ten-year veteran of the Cleveland Police. She is a product of the neighborhood she patrols. Responsible, educated, principled, pragmatic. In love with Ryan, though that relationship is a new adventure that she must navigate around her own sense of caution and personal history. The dramaturgical engine of the play is Amina sharing her story directly with the audience; this is a tour-de-force role requiring accessibility, comfort, and charisma. 

Ryan: Male. Early 30’s, white, five-year veteran of the Cleveland Police. Escaped small-town Ohio, after high school to “do good” in the big city. Passionately in love with Amina, though perhaps in an idealistic, or even naïve way. Attractive, fit, curious, with maybe a boyish “Irish pink” quality. Ryan has had relationships with several women, including Women of Color, before. Looks up to Amina as more experienced, she being from “the hood”, and also having been a Police officer longer.

Female Voice: African American, any age, voices Yvonne (Amina’s African American friend 30’s), Jeanne (Police Officer, 30’s-40’s, sympathetic colleague), and Police Dispatch.

Male Voice: Latino, any age, voices Zaragoza (Veteran Police officer 40’s-50’s, street-smart), Husband (Angry, White guy), Esteban (17 yr. old Latino), Teenager (Esteban’s friend), Chief (Older Trusted Police Officer), Master of Ceremonies (generic voice – could simply be the Chief).

Equity’s contracts prohibit discrimination. Equity is committed to diversity and encourages all its employers to engage in a policy of equal employment opportunity designed to promote a positive model of inclusion. As such, Equity encourages performers of all ethnicities, gender identities, and ages, as well as performers with disabilities, to submit. 

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