Still seeking actors to portray an 18 year old and a mid-30’s – they are playing fathers in these scenarios.

This posting is for PAID work starting June 2022.  This will be role playing specific to Child Welfare case worker training being trained by Youth Research Inc (YRI).

The Classroom enactments are a half-day only, always on a Friday morning.  These actors play Frank Smith (an 18 year old with a baby; and/or Scott Thompson, mid 30’s with 3 children (the youngest with some disabilities.)

These roles are open to people of all ethnicities, age, and gender identity.

The first simulations of the 2 separate scenarios occur simultaneously in separate areas at 9am, and then again after a morning break, which is somewhere around/after 10:15am.   The caseworkers for this simulation are doing a home visit in response to a CPS hotline report that was called in on the families.  This is the first time that the CPS caseworkers are going out to meet the family.

The simulation process is the same for both rounds:

  • the enactment is approximately 20-30 minutes; the simulation is stopped, and feedback is provided to the caseworkers with the actors present. 
  • morning break
  • 2nd round with a new set of caseworkers.  Same feedback process. 
  • With the two rounds complete, the participants reconvene back in their classroom and the actors join everyone in the classroom to introduce themselves before they leave for the day.

Once these trainings are up and running on a regular basis, they typically will be every other Friday (first one is June 10th, then July 1, 15, August 5, 19, September 2…) 

The pay rate is a flat rate for the half day of work.  Audition/Training will be paid at the same rate.  No travel or meals will be reimbursed.  All trainings will be held at the Human Services Training Center (HSTC), 164 Columbia Tpke., Rensselaer, NY.

To be considered, please email resume and headshot/picture to

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