Barrington Stage Company is casting local teens to star in its world premiere new musical The Supadupa Kid ­— based on the book by Pittsfield author Ty Allan Jackson — and we want YOU to show us what you got! No performance experience is necessary, and everyone cast in the musical will be paid $600 for their involvement.

About The Supadupa Kid – Javon Williams was just a normal kid until a freak accident gave him amazing superpowers. The only problem? The neighborhood bully, Hoody, acquired superpowers of his own — and is using them to terrorize the city! Javon must work to save the city by becoming… The Supadupa Kid! Ty Allan Jackson’s book comes alive on stage in this brand-new musical featuring one of the first-ever teenage Black superheroes in America!

Casting all roles ages 13–19. All you need to prepare is a 2-minute popular song (Hip-Hop, R&B or even Hamilton), either acapella or to a musical track!


Video Submission: Due by midnight on May 1, 2022.

The Supadupa Kid will perform at BSC’s St. Germain Theatre from July 29–August 13 in Downtown Pittsfield (36 Linden Street).

Questions? Email Artistic Producer/Director of New Works Branden Huldeen at

Submit your Audition Video here:


Javon Williams: Black, plays 13. Our “All-American Hero,” Javon is a bit of a geek, but sees that label as a compliment. Unconventionally handsome with a heart of gold, Javon wants to fly “under the radar,” but gets thrust into the spotlight.

Denise Williams: All-American Baby Sister. Black, plays 10. Quick-witted and wise beyond her years, Denise may be branded as the “annoying baby sister,’ but underneath it all is a deep love for her brother — and perhaps a deeper love of annoying him!

Ronald: All-American Genius Best Friend. Black/Ethnic, plays 13. A self-proclaimed ‘GENIUS,” Ronald is the “rock star” of the geek squad. His intelligence is unmatched, so he is smart enough to pick his battles and knows when to be the brains of the operation.

Erica Harris: All-American “It Girl”. Black/Ethnic, plays 14. Yes, she’s popular but she uses it for good. Her “it” factor comes from the character she possesses within, not just her unconventional beauty.

Hoody: All-American Bully. Plays 14. An outcast, Hoody used to be friends with Javon when they were younger, but Hoody had to move away. He’s misunderstood and ignored.

Ensemble: Five actors, all teenagers, very diverse, play the following roles: The Lightning Bolts, Natalie Johnston, Doctor Harris, Officer Williams, Principal Dean, Cameraman, Bonita and Students.

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