Dreamlights Dance Studio, soon to open at Viaport Mall in Schenectady, is hiring part-time dance instructors, and seeking promoters for social dances.

Child and youth classes:  Seeking kid- & family-friendly instructors with experience teaching performance styles for younger dancers (Hip-hop, jazz, modern, tap, Irish, broadway/lyrical, theater arts, …)

Teen and adult classes — Seeking experienced teachers for:
     Performance styles (Hip-hop, jazz, modern, tap, broadway/lyrical, …)
     Social styles (Swing — East coast/West coast/Lindy Hop, Salsa, Argentine Tango, mixed Latin, Texas 2-step, …)

Dreamlights is particularly interested in finding a teacher for teen/adult Shuffle classes.  

We have weekend social dance slots that need promoters — Swing, Salsa, Tango, Country/Western, or your group’s special interest.   We also welcome independent teachers — please inquire.

Dreamlights Studio is located in Viaport Mall, at 93 W. Campbell Rd in Schenectady, right off I-890 at Exit 2A.  The studio is equipped with a large, open, sprung dance floor and mirrored wall, and is home to Eidolon Blacklight Theater.  Due to construction and regulatory delays, classes at Dreamlights Studio cannot begin until October, 2022.

     For more information, please contact Ron at DreamlightsDance@gmail.com, or call 518-364-4081.

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