Announcing Auditions for a Hubbard Hall World Premiere Production of

Grant’s Ghost

Written by Warren Schultz

Auditions are being held for a November 18-20 production of Grant’s Ghost at Hubbard Hall in Cambridge, NY. Grant’s Ghost, awarded a grant by LARAC, is an imagined reality portrayal of the last few days of Ulysses S. Grant at a small cottage in Wilton, NY. Grant is racing to finish writing his memoirs even as he is dying from throat cancer. He is also coming to grips with his failures and sins before he dies. This will be a full production of this full-length play. Successful readings have been held in New York City and at Caffe Lena.

Auditions are scheduled for  September 8 from 6:30 to 8:30 pm in the Dutcher Room, Saratoga Springs Library; September 12, 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm at the Greenwich Free Library Community Room;  and September 13  6:00 pm to 8:00pn at Malta Community Center, Room 105;.  To make an appointment please send an email to Grantsghost2022 (at) Gmail (dot) com. In the email please tell us which character you are interested in playing so we can provide  you with appropriate sides. Walk-ins will also be welcome. Auditions will consist of readings from the script.


ULYSSES S. GRANT (63): Former President of the United States. Ulysses is dying from throat cancer and is frustrated that he can barely speak. He is also in a lot of pain. He is happy, though, to be surrounded by his family, especially his wife, Julia, in his last days.

JESSE GRANT (79): The ghost of Ulysses’ father. The spirit of Jesse is just as pugnacious as the living Jesse was. Through his life, he was very critical of his son, Ulysses. Though still at odds with his son, he is anxious for reconciliation.  DANE

MARK TWAIN (50): Author, humorist, and publisher of Grant’s memoirs. Twain is Twain: loud, boisterous, opinionated, and funny. He is saddened by the oncoming death of his friend Grant, yet also anxious to have him finish writing his memoirs.

HARRISON TERRELL (50): Freed slave now Grant’s valet. Extremely loyal to Ulysses, grateful for the position Grant has provided him, very protective. 

GEN. ADAM BADEAU (55): Former Military Secretary for Grant, now his editor. Haughty, with an exaggerated opinion of his own self and his writing and editing skills. Demands increased compensation for his service to Grant, while spreading rumors that he is the true author of Grant’s memoirs. (May be doubled with Douglas.)

REV. J.P. NEWMAN (58): Evangelical minister and public speaker. Self-righteous, publicity seeking minister who latches on to Grant for the notoriety that will provide.

DR. MARY WALKER (50): Abolitionist, prisoner of war and surgeon. The only woman to ever receive the Medal of Honor for her service during the Civil War. Called to care for Grant after his regular doctor is forced to return to New York City.

Rehearsals will begin in early October (location TBD) and will be held four to five nights per week. Attendance is mandatory for Tech Week November 13-17.

Proof of vaccination REQUIRED to audition!

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