Harbinger Theatre and Union College present

a co-production of The Agony and the Agony by Nicky Silver

The Story: a once celebrated playwright, down on his luck, surrounded by a coterie of unwelcome people, makes a last-ditch effort to connect with the human race and get a play produced. Sexual duplicity, blackmail, and the ghost of Nathan Leopold converge on the Upper West Side as our characters – who may be short on talent but long on zeal – scratch, claw and scheme for their piece of the theatrical pie.

·         Auditions will take place Monday, September 26 in Studio A, in the Yulman Theatre at Union College in Schenectady at 6:30pm.

·         Rehearsals start October 30 and will take place in Cohoes and at Union College.

·         Performances at Union College December 7, 8, 9, 10, 15, 16, 17 at 7:30pm

Characters (The playwright’s description):

Richard Aglow – 40-50s, a once-promising, now-failed playwright. Articulate and highly self-dramatizing.

Lela Smith-Aglow – his wife. An actress who hasn’t worked in some time. Very attractive, high strung, and born to money.

Nathan Leopold Jr. – Ageless, an imperious, intellectually brilliant murderer, from the 1920s.

Chet – 20s-early 30s. A very sexy young man, slightly thuggish, and not very bright.

Anita – 20s-early 30s. a very pregnant, foul-mouthed young woman from the wrong side of the tracks.

Anton Knight – 40-50s. A “showbizzy” Broadway producer. A blowhard.

Auditions will consist of readings from the script. Please bring any conflicts to auditions.

For more information – Chris Foster 2cfoster2@gmail.com

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