Ancram Opera House is excited to announce the four local storytellers for its popular series REAL PEOPLE REAL STORIES, which will take place on Saturday, November 13 at 2 pm. Tickets are $25 available at

Ancram Opera House Director Paul Ricciardi created REAL PEOPLE REAL STORIES in 2016, and now conducts storytelling workshops throughout the region, including an ongoing residency at Taconic Hills Central School District. 

Ricciardi works with storytellers to help them prepare their stories for the stage. “The goal is not to create a polished monologue, but to allow the spontaneity of a real-life story to shine through,” he said. 

“REAL PEOPLE REAL STORIES has become an audience favorite that we produce twice a year” said Ricciardi. “It seems that now, more than ever, people have a deep need to listen to, and tell stories.” 

This edition features returning storytellers Sarah Katan and Danielle Molinski, as well as new storytellers Paula Kaplan-Reiss and Kitty Kiefer.

Sarah Kattan is a local outdoor educator and licensed guide. Her company, Whale of a Trail Adventures, is based out of Hudson, NY. Sarah’s story is about how her love, and need, for maps has impacted her life in unexpected ways.

Danielle Molinski is a 7th grade student at Taconic Hills. She was thrilled to be a part of Ancram Opera House’s REAL PEOPLE REAL STORIES workshops in 5th and 6th grade! Her story is about unique ways in which friends can be made.

Paula Kaplan-Reiss is a psychologist who lives with her husband in Canaan, NY. She is a mother to three grown sons, loves the arts, and the outdoors. Paula’s story tells of her hike up a mountain and the kindness of strangers.

Kitty Kiefer lives in Salisbury, CT with her cat Dale / she works at Artgarage at Housatonic Valley Regional High School. She is a non-practicing attorney and an artist. Kitty’s story is about getting beyond waiting for time to pass.

The stories from the students involved in this fall’s REAL PEOPLE REAL STORIES program at Taconic Hills were videotaped last week and will be available to watch on the AOH website and YouTube channel shortly.

REAL PEOPLE REAL STORIES is generously sponsored by the Copake General Store. 

The Ancram Opera House, where REAL PEOPLE REAL STORIES will take place, is located at 1330 County Route 7, Ancram, NY. For more information visit

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