RPI Players announces auditions for “Heathers” on January 21 at 10 am at the RPI Playhouse.


James Alexander, Director (jwalexanderiii@gmail.com) – for questions about creative direction 

Garrett Smelcer, Musical Director (garrettsmelcer@gmail.com) – for questions about musical direction

Charlie Silveria, Producer (silvec2@rpi.edu)  –  for questions about technical aspects

Samantha Neumann, Stage Manager (neumas2@rpi.edu) – for questions about auditions or rehearsals

Audition information

Auditions will take place on January 21st at 10:00am in the RPI Playhouse. Those who audition will be asked to perform a short song excerpt (no longer than 2 minutes) in the same style as this show, and may be asked to do a cold reading of a scene from the show with other actors either during the first round or call-backs. For your audition piece, please prepare some form of backing, be it a track on your own device, a link for us to use, or a friend who would like to help you on the piano. You will be performing your pre-selected pieces privately, to only the central production members of the show – doors will be closed to other auditioners for privacy. No experience is necessary! There will be a break after the first round of auditions for lunch. Those who plan to audition should fill out this form and this WhenIsGood. Walk-ins are welcome!

For those who would prefer to work on a technical or creative role in this show, please email our producer Charlie Silveria (silvec2@rpi.edu).

Show and Casting Information

We will be using the 2019 West End version of Heathers the Musical by Kevin Murphy & Laurence O’Keefe. Here’s a link to a synopsis of the show. All characters in the show will be chosen without gender in mind – we encourage those auditioning to break away from traditional gender roles. However, due to our licensing agreement, all characters will have to be played as their written genders. If you have questions about the creative direction of the show, email our director James Alexander at jwalexanderiii@gmail.com.

Time Commitment

Heathers will have performances on April 7, 8, 9, 14, and 15. We ask that actors keep those days open and available.

The shows will begin at 8, but actors will be required to come in sooner (as early as 5pm in some extreme cases) for costumes, makeup, etc. Tech week will begin with a full day of rehearsal on Saturday, April 1st, and continue with longer rehearsals with full dress and tech into the following week, so we ask that actors keep those days open as well.  Additionally, there will be mandatory technical events on 01/25 (5pm-7:30pm), 2/26, and 3/25. Rehearsals will begin shortly after auditions in late January. There will be a midweek rehearsal in between our two production weekends. Actors should also keep in mind that there may be pop-up events to publicize the show up until the show nights, which may require their attendance.

Although the specific schedule will not be determined until a cast has been selected, rehearsals will likely be 2 to 4 hours long and 3 days a week. The schedule will be based on actor availability. Every person auditioning should fill out this WhenIsGood to specify availability for rehearsals. Keep in mind that, due to our circumstances, weekly availability will be considered in the casting process. Special exceptions can be made for conflicts – those with time constraints are still encouraged to audition – let us know about conflicts beforehand and we will take them into account. 

If you have questions about the way auditions or rehearsals will be run, email our stage manager Sami Neumann (neumas2@rpi.edu).

Summary What to do…
Before auditions
Select audition piece ❈ Fill out sign-up form and WhenIsGood (walk-ins are welcome)
At auditions
Fill out provided info sheet❈ Perform prepared piece❈ May be asked to perform follow-up cold reads during call-backs❈ Fill out sign-up form and WhenIsGood (if you haven’t yet already)
After auditions
Expect to hear back about casting within a week❈ Rehearsals will begin in late January

Those who cannot make the audition dates should contact central production for the show (emails at top of document) 

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