Auditions for the comedy Entering Laughing by Joseph Stein(adapted from the novel by Carl Reiner)

Auditions: email director Joe Bruton if interested

Location:  Congregation Beth Israel, 2195 Eastern Pkwy, Schenectady, NY 

SUMMARY: The semi-autobiographical, riotous account of stage-struck young David Kolowitz working as a delivery man in a sewing machine factory. Denying his parent’s wishes to be a druggist, he leaves their dreams and his devoted girlfriend Wanda behind and is soon enlisted (and paying for) a slot as the “leading man” in a third-rate theatrical company while being seduced by the resident leading lady, the daughter of the hammy artistic director. His first time on stage is a hilarious, terrible performance where everything that can go wrong, does.

Available roles

David Kolowitz- 18-22, nice looking, can play a Jewish kid, likeable (300+ lines)

Marvin- 18-22, average looking, a bit timid, admires his buddy David (150 lines)

Miss B- 18-25, pretty blonde, proper and kind (70 lines)

Don Baxter- 17-30 (3 lines) 

Don Darwin- 17-30 (3 lines) 

Voice- Miss B’s offstage boss (3 lines)

Wanda- 17-20, cute, love interest to David (135 lines)

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