Walloomsac River Theatre Company presents Starkid’s “Firebringer” (Family Friendly Version)

Music & Lyrics by Meredith Stepien & Mark Swiderski.
​Book by Nick Lang, Matt Lang, & Brian Holden.

Directed by Vincent Tatro

Musically Directed by Lauren Biasi

Performances: 6/15/23-6/19/23
At Second Congregational Church, UCC; 115 Hillside Street Bennington, VT 05201

Plot: At the dawn of humanity, one tribe of cave-people survive the many trials of prehistoric life under the wise leadership of Jemilla, the Peacemaker. Jemilla taught her people to express themselves, rather than bashing each other’s heads with rocks and eating each other’s babies. But one member of the tribe doesn’t seem to fit in: Zazzalil. She’s always trying to invent things to make life easier… for herself. While out hatching her latest scheme, Zazzalil stumbles upon the most important discovery in history. One that will pit her tribe against wooly mammoths, saber-toothed tigers, and change the world forever. She’ll travel from omega to alpha, and become… the Firebringer. ​​Join us on this irreverent comedy musical that tells the story of how humanity first discovers fire.

“Firebringer” is presented by arrangement with Starkid, LLC.

AUDITIONS: Sunday April 2 & Monday April 3 by appointment only.
(Note: You are only required to attend ONE audition day)

*IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND EITHER DATE: Please prepare the same audition requirements and submit a VIDEO AUDITION to president@walloomsacrivertheatre.org by 4/3/2023*

1) A 60-90 second cut of a musical theatre style song of your choice
2) A 60-90 second comedic monologue of your choice

*NOTE*: Although there is NO DANCE AUDITION REQUIRED for Firebringerplease expect to learn and perform easy to moderate choreography if cast.

Character Breakdown


Jamilla(Female-Identifying) Mezzo-Soprano– The leader of the tribe. Charismatic, Confident, protective, and motherly, but a little arrogant and stuck in past ways.

Zazzalil(Female-Identifying)Mezzo-Soprano– One of the tribe’s gatherers. A Creative and innovative, but lazy inventor. Revolutionary thinker, but doesn’t always consider the consequences of her actions.

Keeri(Female-Identifying)Mezzo-Soprano– the tribe’s head gatherer. Ignorant but kind and empathetic. She is Zazzalil’s supportive Best Friend.

Emberly(Female-Identifying)Mezzo-Soprano– The tribe taste tester. She is cautious but curious to learn or experience new things. She is analytical.

Grunt(Male-Identifying) Baritone– An Outsider to the tribe. He is timid and sensitive. He wants to feel included and tries hard to do so despite his failures.

Schwoopsie(Female-Identifying)Mezzo-Soprano– A member of the tribe. She is a comedian who seems to enjoy the attention she gets from making her tribemates happy.

Ducker(Male-Identifying)Mezzo-Soprano– The religious leader of the tribe. Uses his position in the tribe for his own gain. Self-serving and opportunistic.

Tiblyn(Female-Identifying)Mezzo-Soprano– The hard worker of the tribe. Loyal and dedicated to her tribe and her task. She is a hopeless romantic.

Smelly Butt (Male-Identifying) Baritone– The “dude” of the tribe. Not so bright. When it comes to bravery, he’s all bark and no bite.

Ensemble(All Gender Identities) Baritone/Mezzo-Soprano– Members of the tribe.

Rehearsals Start Monday April 17

(Please don’t let any date related conflict discourage you from auditioning! We are a very flexible community theatre company!)

Sign Up Here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdKhl6WWSsonbPtY-JcinY2SF5LdeznyKhQrHgjk1d8j15UUg/viewform?usp=sf_link

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