The CenterSeries presents

N O W I S W H E N W E A R E (the stars)

at the ’62 Center for Theatre & Dance at Williams College

Created byAndrew Schneider

Sound Design byAndrew Schneider and Bobby McElver

Guided Performance (limited availability) Feb 22-25 | 4 PM, 5 PM, 7 PM, 8 PM | MainStage | $10/$3 (students)

Open Universe Feb 23 & 24 | 10 AM, 10:30 AM, 11 AM, 11:30 AM | MainStage | $10/$3

NOWISWHENWEARE (The Stars) is an immersive, interactive, light and sound installation guiding each visitor through an internal monologue about grief, community, and the one-way-ness of time. It is ultimately a story about you.

There are two ways to experience the show. GUIDED–journey through the installation guided by an unseen narrator OPEN UNIVERSE–an entirely self-guided experience.

GUIDED PERFORMANCE: A one-hour long crafted experience, for up to 8 audience members at a time. This theatrical experience features a beginning, middle, and end, all guided by an unseen narrator.

OPEN UNIVERSE INSTALLATION: A self-guided experience through an open installation. You’ll have an entry time and can explore the space at your own pace.

It is first a guided narrative, then an interactive exploration. Visitors are invited to explore a warehouse-sized room that will eventually be filled with over 5,000 individually controlled points of light. Using the 3D sound-spatializing technology Wave Field Synthesis and a room-sized tracking system, the technology behind this project allows us to pinpoint the precise location of every star and place a voice, a memory, a fleeting whisper at each – heard only there and nowhere else. The memories are community members’ stories, memories, thoughts, and recollections – recorded where the project is currently housed. 

Accessibility:This is a non-seated, interactive environment recommended for ages 12 and up. For seating and other accessibility requests, please email 62boxoffice​@williams​.edu.

Sensory Note:There will be periods of complete darkness during this experience and occasional loud noises and flashing lights.

Additional software engineering by Oren Shoham

Produced with Miranda Wright + Los Angeles Performance Practice 

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