This is ONLY a one-week commitment to workshop a staged reading of a new play written by Robert Clohessy (BLUE BLOODS, WOLF OF WALL STREET) called “Welcome Home, Johnny” produced by The Charles R. Wood Theater and directed by Jarel Davidow.

This will be a full workshop rehearsal in order to work on the script with the playwright in the room.  Looking for non-union actors age 18+ who can take an active role in the development of the script while working with the playwright and director.  Performance will be staged, but on-book.

Audition Dates & Times:
Wed & Thur, March 1st & 2nd
Auditions run 6:30-8:30
Contact for a 10-minute audition slot. Please put “WHJ auditions” in the subject line.
Walk-ins are welcome and will be seen in order of arrival.
Pays a stipend of $100 for the week

Location: Charles R. Wood Theater in Glens Falls
Those auditioning will be reading sides from the script provided that evening.  Please bring a headshot/resume if you can. 

All auditions, rehearsals and performances will be held at The Charles R. Wood Theater in Glens Falls.

Rehearsals & Performances
First rehearsal Sunday April 2nd
Evening rehearsals April 3-7
Two performances on Saturday April 8th, both followed by a talkback

Play Description

In the Castle Hill Projects of the Bronx, 1969, Robby anticipates his eldest brother Johnny’s return from Vietnam. The story follows the Moran Family, led by tough as nails father and police officer, John. In Johnny’s absence, the Morans do their best to continue life as they know it. “Welcome Home, Johnny” is an intimate look at life and family during an era of uncertainty and change.

NOTE: To tell the story accurately, dialogue and stories within “Welcome Home, Johnny” include language relevant to the 1960s in New York City. This includes profanity, racial slurs and prejudices that do not reflect the beliefs and values of the playwright or producer

Available Roles:

The 4 Moran Brothers and Donna are aged 14-20 but will consider anyone 18-30 for casting:

Robby Moran (14).  The youngest of the four boys and most innocent.  Still trying to find his way and grow up.  He narrates his story to the audience as he navigates through his abusive household and potential girlfriend.

Jimmy Moran (17).  The long-haired hippie wise-ass brother.  Always cracking jokes that are not as funny as he thinks they are.

Patty Moran (18).  Wants to get out of the house so badly, but doesn’t know how.  Doing his best to withstand Jimmy’s teasing and his father’s bullying.

Johnny Moran (20).  A soldier in Vietnam that sometimes appears to Robby in his daydreams.  In Act 2, he comes home and is dealing with some PTSD issues from the war.

Donna (16).  Tough-as-nails girl from the Bronx and possibly Robby’s girlfriend.  She likes Robby, but never lets him forget who is the alpha in their relationship.

Dad (40-50).  He’s been a cop in the Bronx for 25 years.  Resenting his lack of promotion in the police force, he is quick to anger and rules his family with an iron fist (sometimes literally).

Any questions, please feel free to contact the director Jarel Davidow:

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