Easthampton, Massachusetts Fans of contemporary theater are in for a treat as Yasmina  Reza’s Tony Award-winning play God of Carnage comes to Easthampton, Massachusetts this  May. Directed by Jason Rose-Langston and Produced by Michael O. Budnick, this dark comedy  explores tensions underlying the thin veneer of civilized behavior. 

“This play boldly and comically examines the facade of polite modern society, tears it down,  and asks us to explore what lies beneath.” explained Jason Rose-Langston, Director of the  Production.  

Set in a Brooklyn apartment, “God of Carnage” follows two sets of parents who meet to discuss  a playground altercation between their children. As the afternoon progresses, the polite facade  of social etiquette quickly breaks down, revealing more primal instincts. What starts as a  civilized conversation quickly devolves into a chaotic and hilarious battle of egos and emotions. 

“With great wit, biting social commentary, and a little chaos, we watch each character descend  into their worst impulses – all supposedly, for the love of their children,” added Jason.  

The Easthampton Theater Company was formed in late 2022 by a group of theater veterans to  bring entertaining and provocative live theater works to Easthampton that resonate with Valley  theater-going audiences.  

God of Carnage will be our first production, and it is a great choice,” said Michael Budnick,  who is also Executive Director of Easthampton Theater Company, “As a timely examination of  class, privilege and parenting, Carnage is a social satire that takes aim directly at our own  pretensions and assumptions, but does so in a very funny way”  

Originally written in French and translated into English by Christopher Hampton, “God of  Carnage” has been performed to critical acclaim in theaters around the world. The play won the  2009 Tony Award for Best Play, as well as the Laurence Olivier Award for Best New Comedy.

The play will be performed in the newly renovated Blue Room of the Old Town Hall, which is  the first phase of an expansive revitalization that will give rise to an exciting new arts and  performance space in Easthampton.  

“We are so thrilled to be part of the arts renaissance of Easthampton and to be performing in  this beautiful new space brought to life by visionaries at CitySpace and the City of  Easthampton,” added Budnick. 

“When the Easthampton Theater Company approached me with the idea of bringing  community theater back to Easthampton, I knew now might be a perfect time to step into the  role of director. I am so proud, honored, and humbled to be a part of our company’s premier  show,” added Jason.  

Easthampton Theater’s production of God of Carnage promises to be a thrilling and thought provoking experience. With a talented cast, expert direction, and Reza’s razor-sharp dialogue,  audiences are sure to be amused and captivated from beginning to end. 

God of Carnage will run May 11-13 at 7:30PM and May 14th at 2PM at the Blue Room, located  in the Old Town Hall, First Floor, 43 Main Street, Easthampton. Tickets are available now and  can be purchased online at easthamptontheater.com or at the door.  


Alan: Thomas Piccin 

Veronica: Gilana Chelimsky 

Annette: Maggie McCally 

Michael: Matt O’Reilly 

Directed by Jason Rose-Langston, Produced by Michael O. Budnick 

Stage Manager: Manuel Morales 

Assistant Director/Set Design: Eva Husson/Stockhamer 

Props: Deborah Jacobson, Lighting Design: Frank Croke 

This program is supported in part by a grant from the Easthampton Cultural Council, a local agency which is supported by the Mass Cultural Council, a state agency.

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