Bennington, VT (2023): Walloomsac River Theatre Company will be producing six new projects as part of their current 2023 Theatrical Season: 

WRTC Presents NEW Radio Play by Robert Sugarman 

Local treasure and longtime playwright Robert Sugarman comes to WRTC with the return of When John Came Home, directed by Vincent Tatro! WRTC will present this play in the style of a radio play, and it will release it live on 3/31/23, both on Youtube and the WRTC website. 

Plot: 1948. World War II is over. Syracuse University in upstate New York is expanding to accommodate returning soldiers taking advantage of the GI Bill which offers them a subsidized education. On a bare stage, with minimal props, scenes shift rapidly as the six characters become involved in each other’s lives and in the Progressive Party campaign of Henry Wallace for the US Presidency. 

Character Breakdown: 

CLARICE, 20 (Female-Identifying) A Jazz Singer 

SAM, 21 (Male-Identifying), a painter studying at Syracuse University on the GI Bill. ● SUSAN(Female-Identifying), 23, Sam’s sister, a voice student at the University ● HANK CARNOVSKY (Male-Identifying), a journalism student at the University on the GI Bill. 

MARGE CARNVOSKY (Female-Identifying) Hank’s Wife 

Those interested in Auditioning, please email a video audition to by March 19th! 

For the audition: Please film yourself performing a 60-90 sec cut of a dramatic monologue of your choice

National Mental Health Awareness Month Event 

May is coming up and WRTC is PROUD to announce our first National Mental Health Awareness Month event! 

Join us at the Left Bank Gallery in North Bennington, VT Saturday May 13 1-3pm for a staged reading of Ordinary Tuesday by local playwright JS Lillie, Directed by Vincent Tatro, followed by a group talk-back about mental health lead by the director, the playwright, and local clinical social workers! 

This event is FREE TO THE PUBLIC (16 y/o+) 

WRTC’s FIRST Youth Theatre Show 

WRTC is excited to announce our first YOUTH THEATRE production! For The Soul, Directed by Lauren Biasi, is a collection of stories of kids and teens, as inspired by the series Chicken Soup. 

OPEN CALL Auditions (grades 2-12): April 8th 1-3pm @ 115 Hillside St. Bennington, VT 05201 

No need to prepare anything for auditions; sides will be available to read from 

Performance: Saturday July 8th @ 630pm 

115 Hillside St. Bennington, VT 05201 

FREE to the public to attend! 

Fuddy Meers Joins WRTC’s 2023 Season! 

Fuddy Meers by David Lindsay-Abaire tells the story of an amnesiac, Claire, who wakes up every morning as a blank slate, with no memory, except for her husband and teenage son, who must teach her the facts of her life. One morning Claire is abducted by a limping, lisping man who claims her husband wants to kill her. The audience views the ensuing mayhem through the kaleidoscope of Claire’s world. The play culminates in a cacophony of revelations, proving that everything is not what it appears On to be. 

August 25-27, 2023 

Second Congregational Church, UCC 

115 Hillside St. Bennington VT, 05201 

Directed by Vincent Tatro

WRTC Presents a NEW Staged Reading by Robert Sugarman 

WRTC Presents the FIRST EVER Staged Reading of On Location by Robert Sugarman, Directed by Vincent Tatro! The staged reading will be held on Friday Nov 18, 2023 7-9pm at Second Congregational Church, UCC in Bennington, VT, 

Plot: A movie is being shot on the local campus of a small New England college during Winter Break. 


FAITH a college senior taking a Winter Session Acting Class 

GLENDA a college senior taking a Winter Session Acting Class 

HANK a college senior taking a Winter Session Acting Class 

JACKSON An aging movie heart throb. 

CAROL An aging movie heart throb. 

Audition info will be posted in the near future! 

Annual Snowball Holiday Variety Show Is BACK 

Our one night only fundraiser event is BACK, with even MORE of a variety of holiday acts, including stories, skits, and songs by local talent! 

Proceeds go to WRTC & SCC, UCC 

Saturday December 9th @ 7pm 

115 Hillside St. Bennington, VT 05201 

Directed by D. Mark Blank

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