Harbinger Theatre Open Audition

for the World Premiere of:

Custom Cuts
By Brian Sheldon

WEDNESDAY, JUNE 21, 2023 AT 7 PM – 9 PM

at the Albany Barn, 56 2nd Street, Albany, NY

Directed by Angela Ledtke
Produced by Amy Hausknecht
Harbinger’s 10th Consecutive Capital Region Premiere!
Production Dates: 9/21-9/30 @ Albany Barn


In the dining room of a small Schenectady apartment, shared with his son Anthony, Danny struggles to sweep up the remnants of his failed salon business. Anthony, a full-time cosmetology student, plods along in his dad’s footsteps while working a full-time factory job. Danny, through a careful facade of sass and jokes, is well-loved by his remaining clients. Yet even with Anthony’s support, Danny walks a financial tightrope between maintaining the business he has always wanted and the social indulgences that he craves. The tumultuous and imbalanced relationship between father and son is exposed as the debts pile up and tensions run high. After recently vacating the family apartment, Anthony’s sister Jo wishes to have both her father Danny and stepfather Al walk her down the wedding aisle. But Danny’s vain and domineering pride is too ironclad to give in to his daughter’s request. The great divide between Danny and Al tests Anthony’s love and loyalty, cracking open the door to his own personal and professional freedom.

Sides available by emailing the director, Angela Ledtke: theatreangela@gmail.com

Character breakdown:

DANNY: 45-50. Male Identifying. Anthony and Jo’s father. A hair stylist, running his business from the dining room of the rented apartment he shares with his son Anthony.

ANTHONY: 21. Male Identifying. Danny’s son. A chubby cosmetology student and full-time warehouse worker, living with his father and paying half, if not all the bills.

JANET: 60-70’s. Female Identifying. Danny’s generous, encouraging and loyal client.

AL: 45-50. Male Identifying. Anthony’s stepfather. A laborer.

MATT: 21-25. Male Identifying. Anthony’s best friend. Loud and loyal.

JO: 18-20. Female Identifying. Anthony’s sister. Engaged to be married. Recently moved out of Danny and Anthony’s shared apartment. Outspoken.

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