Living Room Theatre is excited to announce their most ambitious project since the pandemic!

HER NAME MEANS MEMORY is a brand new version of a classic play that wlll perform in North Bennington for two weeks July 26 through August 6.

The script was explored this past January at Bennington College after which various revisions were read in NYC. The stellar cast includes new and returning actors including Anne Bates, Janis Young, Monique Vukovic, Valeri Mudek, Oliver Wadsworth, Allen McCullough, Xingrong Chen, Eliza Hill, and Susannah Wilson. LRT is also thrilled to be working with the renowned costume designer Cynthia Flynt. 

As Stella Adler reminded us “The word ‘theatre’ comes from the Greek and means the ‘seeing place,’ where people come to see the truth about life.”

They can’t wait to see you at the LRT swimming pool as you watch from above like gods and goddesses!

Reserve your place today at

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