On Tuesday, June 20 The Green Mountain Academy in Dorset, VT, will host an Arts Behind the Scenes conversation between Randolyn Zinn, Artistic Director of Living Room Theatre (LRT), and Elizabeth Coleman–the former president of Bennington College, who also happens to be a Shakespeare and Henry James scholar. The Academy hosts a wide-ranging array of interesting talks and events that you’re sure to be interested in, including this one!

Coleman and Zinn will discuss the theatre — what it asks of and gives to audiences (and the people who create it), what it’s like to work on Broadway and off-off Broadway, how Zinn taught Harvey Keitel to dance, LRT’s origin story, Zinn’s new play “Her Name Means Memory” that LRT is presenting this summer, and wherever else the conversation might lead.

To save a spot, go to the Green Mountain Academy website: greenmountainacademy.org and sign up.

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