Staged play reading of “Every Moment of Every Day” by Lindy Whiton to take place at The LAVA Center
Saturday, July 8, 7 p.m.
The LAVA Center, 324 Main St., Greenfield MA
$5 suggested donation

Come to a reading of the updated version of Lindy Whiton’s play reading, Every Moment of Every Day. First read at The LAVA Center in April 2022, Every Moment of Every Day tells the story of women who gave their babies up for adoption. The play explores the story of adoption from the rarely seen side of the original mother. This year’s adaptation includes Whiton’s story.

The Massachusetts Cultural Council provided Whiton with funds to create a video of the reading to be used to take to conferences and other events. This will provide a way to increase the public’s understanding of original mothers’ stories and bring this perspective or lens to the adoption triad narrative.

Every Moment of Every Day will be performed Penney Hulten, Patricia Williams, Rebecca Hicks, Jovonna Van Pelt, Christy Grecsek, Trouble Mandeson, Rebecca Mandel and Candace Curran; directed by Lindy Whiton; with videography by Elias Neijens. Illustration by EJ Worth.

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