Have you ever prayed that Jesus would come back as a stand-up comedian? Well, your prayers have been answered. The second coming is no longer coming. It’s here at Proctors and it’s called STAND-UP JESUS!

Heaven help us?

Hell, yeah!

Come bear witness to a truth that hurts and a truth that’s funny with STAND-UP JESUSThy kingdom come, thy will be done, and it will be done with divine satire. In Robert Dubac’s latest solo show, our lord and savior is back and this time he’s no longer a carpenter. He’s a stand-up comedian hell-bent on preaching what he created on the 8th day.


STAND-UP JESUS materializes at Proctors for one resurrection 7:30 p.m. Saturday, September 30. Tithing is priced at $45, plus fees, and is on sale now through proctors.org. Tickets are also available by phone at (518) 346-6204 or at the theatre box office which opens its pearly gates at 10 a.m. Monday-Saturday.

Who better to battle modern-day hypocrisy than STAND-UP JESUS! Shining the light of truth on false prophets, duplicitous politicians and immoral sheeple, J.C.’s razor-sharp satire has been intelligently designed to redeem sinners of all faiths. So let he who is without sin cast the first heckle!

Yes! STAND-UP JESUS is irreverent, sacrilegious and, above all, hysterical! Atheists and believers both praise STAND-UP JESUS as, “A miracle! It succeeds at being heaven and hell, enlightening and offensive; all at the same time!” His ecclesiastical reviews are stellar:

“Christ, he’s funny! Comedy has risen to a new level!” –Moses

“He’s more famous than the Beatles!” –Matthew, Mark, Luke and John

“I know for a fact he can’t take a joke.” –Judas

(*And since Jesus never sleeps, he is available at any time for all press interviews/confessions.)

Robert Dubac (author/actor) belongs to a rare breed of humorists who make comedy smart and tragedy funny. Eschewing drama in the pursuit of humor he deftly combines stand-up with theater, pulling our emotional strings with intelligence and wit. In other words, you get more truth and fewer dick jokes.

Robert Dubac’s STAND-UP JESUS appears in Schenectady at Proctors 7:30 p.m. Saturday, September 30. Tickets are available through the Box Office at Proctors in-person, via phone at (518) 346-6204 Monday-Saturday 10 a.m.-6 p.m. or online at proctors.org.

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