WE WANT YOU, and here is your chance to truly spread holiday magic!!! 

Yankee Trails will host auditions for the premier holiday show in this area; Santa’s Magical Express! 

Yankee Trails will host Auditions for Santa’s Magical Express, Wednesday and Thursday, October 4 and 5  at the Yankee Trails main office 569 3rd Avenue Extension, Rensselaer, NY 12144. This successful holiday production is now celebrating its 12th year of entertaining thousands of children and their families in a multimedia and live holiday production that offers a unique holiday entertainment experience for the Capital Region. 

We are looking for actors to fill various roles. Males and actors of ethnicity are strongly encouraged to audition. All auditioners must be 18 years old or older. There are a variety of roles in this production.

There will be an option to work anywhere from 1 to 4 nights per week.  We operate — every  Friday, Saturday and Sunday and Thursday 12/14 and 21 – beginning November 24 and ending December 23. All actors must have their own transportation to the performance venues in East Greenbush. Actors will be under contract and will be compensated upon successful completion of their contracted term. 

Who should audition?

All genders and ethnicities are strongly encouraged to audition, as we are looking to fill a large cast of characters with great holiday spirit! All auditioners must be at least 18 years or older, and should have dependable transportation to the location in East Greenbush!

What to expect?

All actors will have the option to work anywhere from 1 to 4 nights per week (usually Thursday – Sunday, except for the week of Christmas), beginning November 24th, and ending December 23rd. Actors will be under contract and will be compensated upon successful completion of their contracted term (all hired actors will have to sign and comply with a code of conduct and work contract).

When are rehearsals?

Rehearsals will begin in October, with a few spaced out in November before our start date of November 22nd (full dress) and November 24th (first show). A full schedule will be available at auditions and some conflicts will be accepted. 

What is Santa’s Magical Express?

  • It is a Highly interactive experience for both the actors and audience.
  • The opportunity to create a child’s Christmas memory that will last a lifetime is always available. 
  • You will receive compensation for your time and effort.
  • No show is ever the same. You will be working with different casts and a live audience, which keeps every day exciting.
  • While the script is important to keep the story moving forward, improvisation and personalization is encouraged and necessary.

Where do I go for auditions?

Auditions will be held at the Yankee Trails main office 569 3rd Avenue Extension, Rensselaer, NY 12144, Wednesday October 4 and 5, with a sign-in at 6:00pm and auditions running from 6:30 to 8pm. Please just come to the main office for sign-in. For questions, please email the producer at michael.mcdermott@yahoo.com or send a text to him at (518)669-5414.

What should I expect at auditions?

Everyone will be welcomed with an overview of what Santa’s Magical Express is, including stipends, schedule and attendance requirements.

The auditions process will consist of:

  • Individual interview (simple conversational questions)
  • Side readings (provided at auditions)
  • Improv (we are looking for fun, festive, and creative individuals)
  • Please bring a list of all conflicts for October, November and December

Available Roles: 

Santa; Adult Male; Beard, wig and costume provided. Strong knowledge of Christmas Folklore, current childrens’ fads/toys, improv. Must have a fun personality to carry the persona of the big man himself. 

Elves; Male and Female (Holiday Spirit Runs Deep)  Should be energetic and able to work well with children, good at improv as well as keeping the story moving forward. They are also good at time management as this will keep all actors on task. 

Scrooge; Adult Male (able to be aged); After his visit from the Christmas Ghosts, changes his way and leaves the Banking business to pursue his career as a stand-up comedian. Great Comedic Timing, ability to improv, rapping required. Please prepare a little snippet of Ice Ice Baby by Vanilla Ice. 

Winky; Head Elf of the North Pole, Energetic actor with good comedic skills. Will sing along with a track, singing ability is not required. Physically able to entertain the crowd on a moving bus.

Axl; Enjoying Stranger Things? So does Axl, a mullet sporting member of the “Chestnut Fire Club”, he is a new elf trying to find where he belongs in the workshop. While on his journey of exploration, he loses his way and the E.I.T.’s help him find where he belongs! Improv is important for this character and  is open for many interpretations.

Frosty/Crystal; A non- speaking role, this person will need to be covered in full costume, they are animated and loved by all, think “Disney Character” at a theme park. They have to use movement to express emotions.

Here is your chance to truly spread holiday magic!!!  

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