Bridge Street Theatre 2020
American Roots

Plays that reflect the American Experience in the Deep South, the Rockies,  the Great Plains, the Northeast, and who knows how many places in between. A Season Pass for 2020 is still only $100 and includes all five 2020 shows plus discounts to most other events at BST.


April 30 – May 10
MAYTAG VIRGIN by Audrey Cefaly
Directed by Patrick White

New neighbors Lizzie Nash and Jack Key share plenty besides a backyard in Lenoraville, Alabama – they’re each schoolteachers, she’s recently lost her husband, he’s recently lost his wife, and both of them are hurting. The discovery of a cache of old love letters in Jack’s new house kick-starts a precarious balancing act for the two between the safe and the unfamiliar, attraction and heartache. A genuine Southern-fried romance!

May 28 – June 7
LEWISTON by Samuel D. Hunter
Directed by Sara Lampert Hoover

The limitless frontier once explored by Meriwether Lewis has shrunk for one of his descendants to a tiny sliver of Idaho land where she runs a roadside fireworks stand. A touching and profoundly empathetic new play about a family struggling to keep their American dream alive.

July 16 – July 26
Musical Director Tom Judson

Almira Gulch, ultimate spinster and notorious terrorizer of neighborhood children and their pets, gets a post-‘Wizard of Oz’ lease on life with her own lounge act! She’s back, in all the glory Hollywood denied her, to tell her side of the story. A musical valentine to all the romantically disenfranchised filled with sophisticated comedy numbers that would have made Cole Porter proud, featuring Steven Patterson in the title role.

October 1 – October 11

A host of provocative world premiere one-act plays by some of the most exciting playwrights in America today. Sometimes less can be more as these brilliant, funny, evocative short plays prove.

November 5 – November 15
Directed by John Sowle

The Mount Everest of American drama and perhaps the greatest American play of the 20th century. Over the course of a single day, O’Neill’s autobiographical Tyrones, torn between love and hatred, blame and pity for one another, grapple with and succumb to their demons. A deep dive into the dark heart of an American family.

Other Performances Scheduled for 2020
at Bridge Street Theatre

  • February 15. Edmund Bagnell in HE PLAYS THE VIOLIN
  • February 21-23. Ginger Grace in FIRST LADIES COALITION
  • March 13-15. Vivian Nesbitt in MOTHER JONES IN HEAVEN, A Musical by Si Kahn
  • March 19-22. Aizzah Fatima in DIRTY PAKI LINGERIE
  • March 28. Classical Concert by The Hyde Park Chamber Ensemble
  • April 5. Flo Hayle Cabaret. WITH A SONG IN MY HEART
  • June 13. Francesca Avani presents BRIDGE STREET BELLY DANCE 2020
  • June 18-21. Dan Hodge in THE RAPE OF LUCRECE
  • June 25-28. Margo Whitcomb in SHAKESPEARE’S WILL by Vern Thiessen
  • July 31 – August 2 Sarah Ford in GEORGIA & ME (Georgia O’Keeffe)
  • August 13-16. Lex Gray in DIRTY BLOND by Claudia Shear
  • August 20-23. Power Productions presents CRIPPLED
  • September 10-13. Byron Nilsson in THE FAT MAN (Sydney Greenstreet)
  • November 20-22. Roxanne Fay in THE YEAR OF MAGICAL THINKING by Joan Didion
  • December 3-6. Jean Tafler in MY WITCH by John Ahlin

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