Some say that Eve was fashioned from Adam’s rib. Some say that Athena was born from Zeus’ head. These stories set the stage for the present day condition (and conditioning) of women, planting the idea that women are but a fragment of a man’s imagination and desires, not a fully embodied human but a companion or made in the image of man. Here, we explore what it means (to us) to be a woman.

A revelation was the seed that started this project: it was always older men who let us know we were becoming women. With this piece, we come to terms with our origin stories of womanhood, we reject the control of men, we dissent, move on, and break through to something more wild and free. We created something from our bodies, we fashioned this dance from the contents enclosed within our own ribs.

We acknowledge that gender is a social construct and exists on an infinite spectrum. This work reflects our experiences and is not meant to depict the experiences of other womxn.

Choreography by Fern Katz and Taylor King, in collaboration with guest artist, Jeryl Palaña. Some material was created with the invaluable coaching and critique of Isadora Wolfe.

This performance is funded in part by the Montague Local Cultural Council

(This event will take place indoors.)

Where: The Foundry, 2 Harris Street West Stockbridge MA 01266

Ticket Price: $20
Ticket Link:

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