The Curious Savage

By John Patrick

Directed by Cathy Lee-Visscher

MONDAY, NOVEMBER 29 at 7:00 p.m.


TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 30, 2021 at 7:00 p.m. 

At The Ghent Playhouse

6 Town Hall Place, Ghent, NY 12075 

PLAY SYNOPSIS:  Ethel Savage, an eccentric widow, has been left $10 million dollars by her late husband. Her wish is to use the money to help others realize their dreams, but her grown stepchildren will do anything to keep her from squandering away “their” money. So, they have her committed to a sanitarium, “The Cloisters,” hoping to bring her to her senses. There she meets various social misfits, who need the kind of help Mrs. Savage can provide. With the help of her new friends, Mrs. Savage leads her stepchildren on a merry chase and learns the true meaning of family in the process.   


ETHEL SAVAGE: Early 70’s – early 80’s – She is slim and fragile. It is difficult to judge her exact age from her appearance. Her small, pert face is rather youthful. Her eyes are bright and clear. She wears a constant half-smile, which gives the impression of amusement, even in anger. Her white hair has been tinted blue and she wears it becomingly arranged. Her dress is youthful. She carries a childhood teddy bear, somewhat the worse for wear. ​

MISS WILLIE (Wilhelmina): 25-30’s – An efficient young woman who works as a caretaker at the Cloisters so that she can secretly be close to her husband Jeffrey, who does not remember that they were married before the war. She is kind and loving, with incredible integrity.​

FAIRY MAY: early 20’s – A “guest” at the Cloisters. She has a perpetual happy and cheerful nature. Wan and slender, she is a classic beauty, spoiled by the severe arrangement of her hair, an unimaginative dress and steel-rimmed glasses. She is terrified of the outside world and desperately seeks love and approval from others.

​JEFFREY: 25-30’s – A “guest” at the Cloisters. A handsome young man, with the dignity of a much older man; a war veteran convinced that his face is badly scarred, even though his scars are strictly mental; an accomplished piano player, but keeps this secret to himself and never plays; Piano experience is a plus, but not a requirement​

FLORENCE: 28-35 – A “guest” at the Cloisters. An elegant woman with a gentle disposition and a sweet, tremulous smile, which is her most disarming weapon. She is gentle and eager to please. She lost her son at an early age and has never recovered emotionally, so she carries a doll with her, named John Thomas that she treats like a son. ​

HANNIBAL: early 30’s – early 40’s – A “guest” at the Cloisters. He belies his age. He is plump and cherubic. He is a former statistician who loves mathematics, and is quite proud of his talents as a violinist, even though he only knows two chords. Like the other “guests,” he is frightened of the outside world.Violin experience is a plus, but not a requirement.​

MRS. PADDY: 40-55 – A ‘guest” at the Cloisters. She is a dumpy middle-aged woman of awesome ferocity. She refuses to speak to anyone; constantly turning off the lights because she hates electricity, among other things, which she has no problem sharing with others. Her only entertainment comes from painting seascapes.​

TITUS SAVAGE: 40’s-mid-50’s – Ethel Savage’s eldest stepson – A senator with conservative tastes. He is sober, humorless and direct. ​

SAMUEL SAVAGE: 40’s-50’s – Mrs. Savage’s stepson – A judge who is somewhat lost in the penumbra of his brother’s cold authority and his sister’s brittle self-assurance.

​LILY BELLE SAVAGE: Plays 40 – Mrs. Savage’s stepdaughter. She is tall, slender and assured. The only situation to which she is unequal is her fortieth birthday. ​

DR, EMMETT: 50-60’s – Psychologist who manages the Cloisters. Looking for strong actors who will bring out both the humor and heart of the play. Auditioners will be asked to read scenes from the script.​If you are younger or older than the age ranges listed, but feel that you can portray any of these characters, please do not hesitate to audition.​

REHEARSALS will begin after Thanksgiving and will be held during the evening and will include some weekends as performances get closer. Specific evenings and weekend days to be determined by the availability and schedules of those chosen for the play.​


January 28 – February 13, 2022                       

Friday and Saturday Evenings at 7:30 pm and Sunday Matinees at 2:00 pm                       

Preview Performance, Thursday, January 27 at 7:30 pm         

For more information contact the director at or by calling (518) 755-9278

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