Sand Lake Center for the Arts

Announces Open Auditions for an Original Musical:


Book by Susan Frost

Music & Lyrics by James Holmes

Co-Directors/Producers: Val Kavanaugh & Sue Frost

Music Director: Jim Holmes

Audition Dates:

  • Thursday Jan 6th and Friday Jan 7th, 2022 at 7:00
  • You only need to attend one of these sessions.
  • If needed, callbacks will be held on Saturday, Jan 8th, 2022.


Sand Lake Center for the Arts

2880 NY 43, Averill Park, NY 12018

Performance Dates:

April 29 – May 8, 2022 (Fridays and Saturdays at 8pm, Sundays at 2pm)

What to Prepare:

  • Please prepare approximately one minute of a song from a musical of your choice.
  • Please sing a cappella or bring your own accompaniment (recorded or an accompanist, keyboard provided) 
  • You will be asked to sing a major scale to determine vocal range and where your voice is strongest.  A piano accompaniment will be provided.
  • Auditions will also involve cold readings from the script. Sides will be provided.
  • Please bring proof of vaccination for COVID-19.
  • You may either provide a headshot or a photo will be taken at the time of audition.
  • Please bring a calendar with all your conflicts.


  • Rehearsals will be held on Sunday through Thursday evenings starting in mid-February. (This is subject to change based on cast and crew availability.) 
  • Read through in late January.
  • Attendance is mandatory for Tech Week (April 24 – 28, 2022) and all performances.

Commitment to COVID Safety:

Health and safety are our first priority. Everyone at auditions must be fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and wear a mask except when actively auditioning. 


Three Porches is the story of a multigenerational family governed by guilt and betrayal. The family is unable to bridge the distance between neighboring porches until the power of long-held secrets is destroyed by outside influences. This modern musical is a realistic, poignant, and sometimes humorous celebration of our ability to redefine relationships and discover underlying love. 


We are seeking diverse talent of all races, body types, and gender identities. All characters have some solo singing with the exception of Kaspian/Kassie and the two young dancers. Musical keys may be adjusted to meet the needs of performers. Experience with dancing is not required.

Myra (f, 50’s – 70’s) – bitter, hurting. Family is central to her life but her chosen role as relationship gatekeeper gets in the way. She fears rejection and protects herself with anger. Her closest, most vulnerable connection is with her husband, Henry. Mother of Jacquelyn and Carly.

Henry (m, 60’s – 80’s) – peacemaker. He hides his sadness by focusing on the positive and gardening. Devoted to Myra. Father of Jacquelyn and Carly. 

Jacquelyn (f, 30’s – 40’s) – protects herself from the pain of loss by keeping people at bay, including her mother. She was passionately in love with Jared in her 20’s. By contrast, her marriage to David is distant but safe and comfortable. She lives for her daughter, Madison, and attempts to keep her from experiencing loss.

David (m, 40’s – 50’s) – fastidious, doesn’t like interruption to his routine. Step-dad to Madison. He is surprised and confused by his love for Madison, because that love can be messy at times.

Madison (f, 11 – 14) – feels entitled but not as confident as she appears. Senses something missing from her life.

Carly (f, 30’s – 40’s) – searching for meaningful relationships. She is estranged from her mother, Myra, and sister, Jacquelyn. Desperate for forgiveness, which is both a weakness and strength. Loves Shawna, hopes to adopt her, and feels protective of her.

Shawna (f, 11-14) –  coming into her own, relies on Kaspian/Kassie. Trying to figure out her place in the world without her biological mother. 

Kaspian/Kassie (m or f, 10-13) – energetic and free-spirited. Can inadvertently be pesky. Good friend to Shawna. Loves to drum.  Interest in or experience with drumming is a plus.

Sky (f, 30’s- 40’s) – wants everyone to feel fulfilled, worries when they don’t. Believes all problems can be solved. Kaspian/Kassie’s mother, close friend of Carly.

Liza (f, 50’s-60’s) – Parent figure to many; cares for people by feeding them. Leonard’s mother.

Leonard (m, 20’s-30’s) – Immature but well-meaning, wants to have fun. Can’t imagine how anyone could not like meat. Liza’s son.

Jared (m, 30’ – 40’s) – trying to make amends. A recovering alcoholic with a history of irresponsible behavior. Jacquelyn’s ex, bio father of Madison. 

Officer Biggs (f or m, any age) – rule follower, flustered by out-of-the box thinking.

Officer Smally (f or m, any age) – upbeat, loves good food and danceable music


The cast also includes 2 young dancers (f, ages 6-10) who will be auditioned at a later time.  If interested, please contact the directors. 


Val Kavanaugh – or 518-209-3704

Sue Frost – or 518-892-3101

Jim Holmes – or  518-366-0776

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