Harbinger Theatre announces “Hurricane Diane” by Madeline George and directed by Patrick White at Albany Barn Feb. 17th through 26th, 2022. 

Auditions will be at the Albany Barn on 12/30/2021. Sides will be available upon request.  Sign-in opens at 6:30 p.m. and the audition will begin at 7 p.m. that evening.  
 Rehearsals start 1/24/2022. 

SYNOPSIS: The Greek god Dionysus return to the modern world disguised as a butch dyke gardener Diane with supernatural abilities, whose secret mission is to seduce mortal followers and restore the earth to its natural state. Her first stop is a cul-de-sac in Red Bank, New Jersey,  where she tries to seduce four housewives to be her first acolytes while redesigning the permaculture of their neighborhood. It’s ‘The Bacchae’ meets ‘The Real Housewives of New Jersey.”  

Actors of all races and ethnicities are strongly encouraged to audition. 

All characters 30-50 years old 

Diane: A “butch charm factory.” Moves swiftly, swaggeringly. She is really the Greek god Dyonsius incarnate to restore Earth to its natural state.  Overwhelmingly charismatic. 

“Diane may be played by any butch person who does not identify as male. The character is a butch dyke but the actor need not be. Casting can run the spectrum of non-cis-male performers from a straight woman who can convincingly play a butch lesbian to a trans man who’s willing who’s willing to play a butch lesbian.” 

Carol Fleischer:  Sharply dressed, pointed focus. Not easily swayed but highly influenced by those around her. Neat, forceful, HGTV-obsessed, and deeply unhappy.

Renee Shapiro-Epps: Special, but typical. Name brand clothes. Successful, articulate, woke, and “fearful that she’s sold her soul.” This role is for an actress of color. 

Pam Annunziata: Fabulous. Jewelry is her shield and half of her personality. Aggressively caring, aggressively Italian. Self-described “full blooded, both sides.” 

Beth Wann: Recently abandoned by her husband, and feeling the loneliness hard. Probably harder than she’d care to admit. Wispy. Asks Diane to create her a Fairy Garden. 

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