CAMP LOGAN By Celeste Walker

Black Theatre Troupe of Upstate NY is holding auditions for CAMP LOGAN by Celeste Walker – Directed by Aaron Moore

Auditions will be at First Congregational Church of Albany, NY located at 405 Quail Street.

Monday February 7 at 7:00PM

Tuesday February 8 at 7:00PM

No need to prepare anything ahead of time. Sides will be provided at the audition.

If you have any questions, please call 518-833-2621 or email

Vaccination required. Please bring proof of vaccination.

Video auditions will be accepted if you cannot make the audition.

Email videos and proof of vaccination to: by February 6, 2022

 Performances will be at The Capital Repertory Theatre Main Stage – located at 251 N Pearl Street in Albany, NY
June 2, 3, 4, 5

June 9, 10, 11, 12

Performance times are Thursday thru Saturday at 7:30pm and 4pm on Sundays.

 Inspired by actual events, CAMP LOGAN is an award-winning World War I military drama about the devastating explosion of racial tensions that resulted in the 1917 Houston riot, involving an all-black Army regiment stationed in Houston, Texas. The play tells a compelling and entertaining story of six black U.S. soldiers and the incidents leading up to the tragic and racially-charged riot at their Camp Logan base. You will laugh and cry with these resilient soldiers as you get a glimpse into their lives on base.


Sgt. McKinney​- Forty years old. A spit and polish career soldier from Kentucky. Dedicated to the Army, almost to the point of fanaticism.  Illiterate, but a natural leader, he’s a strict disciplinarian, but respects his men.

Gweely Brown​-Thirty years old.   A big, fun loving, fellow from Texas, he’s been in the Army ​​​​​​for 12 years.  He chooses to fight theoppression of the era with laughter. ​​​​​​However, he’s fierce when finally riled.

Joe Moses – ​​​​​Thirty years old. Small of stature, quick tempered, he’s been in the Army ten years.  If he wasn’t in the Army, he’d probably be in jail. From New York, he and Gweely are best friends.

Jacques ”Bugaloosa” HonoreTwenty-five year old creole from Louisiana.  He plays a musical instrument, and does minstrel shows with Gweely.  Haunted by memories of a lynching attempt on his life, he finds comfort in whiskey and the Virgin Mary.

Robert FranciscusTwenty five year old “ladies” man from Chicago.  Ambitious and handsome, he’s one of the few in his company with a high school education.  Although more educated than many of the others, he gets along well with his fellow soldiersand officers alike.

Charles Hardin​​​​ – This nineteen year old has been in the ​​​​​​Army only six months.  Fiercely patriotic, and highly intelligent, From Minnesota been exposed to very few members of his own race.

Capt. Zuelke​ – Thirty-five year old white officer of Company “I”.  Career soldier, also from Kentucky. An alcoholic.  He has an ambivalent relationship with the men.  

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