Classic Theater Guild (Schenectady) is seeking directors for its 22/23 season. The Classic Theater Guild performs plays that are timeless, noting that CTG typically does not perform new works or plays with graphic language or content.

Submissions should include a resume highlighting directorial experience.  Please note that CTG does not compensate directors for time nor travel.

Interested parties should complete the form below and email to CTG at by March 4th If you would prefer to receive this form as a PDF, email us to make that request.

Your Name:  ________________________________________________ 

Mailing Address:  ____________________________________________ 

Phone (home): ___________________  (cell) ______________________ 

Email:  ____________________________________________________ 

If your submission is not chosen, would you be willing to consider directing a play of our choosing?      Yes      No thank you

For each play that you submit, please complete the following (in order of preference):

PLAY TITLE: _____________________________________________________ 

Playwright: __________________________________________________________ 

Preferred production time: Summer    Fall    Winter    Spring

Cast breakdown:  female  _____ male  ______

Synopsis: (describe here or supply a link)




Type of set needed:   qsingle unit set   qmultiple sets   qminimal

Play’s suitability for stage   virtual    either  (we expect to plan for both options)

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