ALBANY—Harbinger Theatre condemns the horrific violence that has happened and continues to take place in Ukraine. We stand with Ukrainians and their fight for their country and safety, and we want to use our platforms to spread awareness about a fundraiser being organized by one of our actors for the run of “Admissions” by Joshua Harmon. Harbinger Theatre will also donate a portion of ticket sales to the fundraiser for Ukraine.

Vlad Panchishak, Charlie Luther Mason in “Admissions,” and his family are spreading awareness on the horrific events, and also raising money for Ukrainian refugees. All proceeds raised will go to ShelterBoxUSA to provide shelter, food, water, and supplies to the scared Ukrainians fleeing the country. As a native of Ukraine, moving with his family to the United States a month before his fourth birthday, Panchishak notes the emotional toll the senseless attacks has taken on him.

The recent Russian invasion on Ukraine has been heartbreaking. The unjust, and unprovoked war has displaced hundreds of thousands of innocent Ukrainians who are searching for food, water, and shelter. It has been very difficult for me to continue with my everyday life while constantly worrying about the lives and freedom of my people. Waiting for the morning to come, and checking on family and friends at all times while praying that they remain safe. Trying to think of any way I could help remotely, and make a difference,” said Panchishak. “Doing this play has provided me with a little bit of an escape from the chaos going on around the world. I know they say that acting shouldn’t be therapy, but it helps to get my mind off things. At least for a little while.”

Those who would like to donate can do so through the Venmo account which was created by Panchishak and his family to transfer the funds to ShelterBoxUSA. Or, donations can be accepted in person the nights of “Admissions” shows.

Harbinger Theatre will present “Admissions” by Joshua Harmon at Albany Barn, 56 2nd Street in Arbor Hill. The dates of the show are March 3 to 5 and March 10 to 12, and all shows begin at 7:30 p.m. Tickets can be purchased on the Eventbrite website, and guests will be required to have the full vaccination series and wear masks during the performance.

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