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Saratoga Chips
From the Discovery of Water to the Eradication of Crime in the Racing City
By Mary Jane Hansen

Performances: Sat. March 26 & Sun. March 27 at 6:30pm
Saratoga City Music Hall 474 Broadway Saratoga Springs, NY
Tickets: $15 @

Water, Turf, Air & Fire. Add in some smoking hot oil and the almighty dollar and you have a story as old as anyone can remember, and a few new inventions along the way. The fundamental constituents of the universe hold sway in Saratoga Chips, but a few man-made elements like currency & crime, celebrity & scandal reign supreme. From the gambling houses to the springs, from the piazzas of the grand hotels to the Graveyard of Favorites, see what happens when historical characters collide in the town you thought you knew. Commodore Vanderbilt, Mark Twain, Ulysses S. Grant, Madame Jumel, John Morrissey, Solomon Northup, and aeronaut Carlotta Myers are just a few of the famous names that pass through Saratoga Chips, an entertaining evening of history, comedy and music from Saratoga’s Victorian era. 

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