Non-equity STAGE MANAGER needed

The Outer Loop Theater Experience is looking for a non-union Stage Manager for 

13 Suits: A Mother’s Monologues, at theREP in Albany, NY!

Performance dates: May 13, 14 & 15, 2022 in the new studio space at theREP

Rehearsals: April 20 – May 12, 2022

Synopsis: Walking home from a bar late one December night, Patrick is struck by a drunk driver. 

The driver flees the scene, and only after 90 minutes and 17 phone calls to relatives and lawyers, is she finally persuaded to call 911. 

But it’s too late. Patrick is dead, at age 30. And given the delay in reporting the incident, his organ-donor status is no longer relevant. 

Based on actual events, 13 Suits: A Mother’s Monologues is a documentary theatrical experience, initially crafted from a mother’s reflections 

after losing her son. In a Laramie Project meets Vagina Monologues-style event, the play also draws on dozens of personal accounts and 

stories, as well as powerful statistics, to help weave a timely and poignant cautionary tale… one of grief, 

loss and healing, in the wake of seemingly insurmountable tragedy.

Please email by March 18th if

Stipend paid.

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