The New York State Defenders Association is seeking role play actors for its Basic Trials Skills program June 18-24.  The program will be held at Skidmore College in Saratoga Springs.  This work is paid.

Roles:The Client Bobby Jones, the defendant, is 26 years old.  We will consider actors between 20 and 35 depending on apparent age.  We seek actors who are either African-American, Latino, or white. Bobby’s childhood was impoverished both materially and emotionally. He has difficulty managing his anger and his temper has caused him trouble with the law. Bobby has a history of domestic violence.  Actors playing Bobby must be able to understand and portray a damaged man desperately clinging to his dignity.

Male construction workers, age 25-40.  Hard working, hard drinking.  Beefy physique a plus.  Must be able to realistically portray blue collar individuals without stereotyping.

Complete information is posted at:

If you are interested in auditioning, please send your resume and headshot via email. A professionally done head shot is not necessary; a current photo that looks like you will work. If you have a reel posted on the web, please send the link.

Email your materials to:

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