The show tells the story of film director Guido Contini, who is dreading his imminent 40th birthday and facing a midlife crisis, which is blocking his creative impulses and entangling him in a web of romantic difficulties in early-1960s Venice.

If you are looking to better familiarize yourself with the music, there are CDs of both the original with Raul Julia, and the revival with Antonio Banderas. Each has pluses and minuses. For example: “Germans at the Spa” was cut for the revival, but in some cases the accents are better in the revival. If you are looking to familiarize yourself with the musical in general, the 2009 film will do you little or no good. You’re better off watching Fellini’s La Dolce VidaAmarcord, and, of course, 8 1/2

When: Auditions: Monday, June 20th at 6:30 and Tuesday, June 21st at 6:30.

Where: Home Made Theater’s Wilton Mall location.

As we may be in the Wilton Mall past mall hours, please use Home Made Theater’s “back” entrance. To find this entrance, drive around to the exterior entrance to JC Penney (the side of the mall facing BJ’s). To the right of Penneys is a loading dock. Walk down the sidewalk of the loading dock (with the wall to Penneys on your left) to the door at the end. Once through the door follow the hallway to Home Made Theater’s entrance on the right. There is a sign and the door will be open.

For the audition

Please prepare 16 bars of a song from the musical, or a comparable song from a Broadway musical theater production. Song titles listed indicate the primary or secondary song for that character if you choose to sing a song from the show.

Please bring your own sheet music in your key; a pianist will be provided. No a capella singing.

Please bring a current photo & resume. Photos cannot be returned.

Bring a list of all potential conflicts from the date of the first rehearsal through closing. With the exception of tech week and performances, conflicts can be worked around if known about in advance.

Please wear or bring comfortable clothes and shoes that allow for movement for a brief choreography audition.

Rehearsal Schedule

Rehearsals will be Sunday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday 7:00-10:00 (no rehearsal Mondays until closer to tech week) starting August 30. (There will be no rehearsal Sunday, September 4th.) Tech Week starts on Sunday, October 2 (plan on all day).


October 7-9 and 14-16. Performances are 7:30 on Fridays and Saturdays, and 2:00 on Saturdays and Sundays (Saturday is a two show day). Performances will be at the Dee Sarno Theater, in Saratoga Arts (320 Broadway, Saratoga Springs).

Character Breakdown – Roles are open to all ethnicities and gender identifications.

If nationality is in italics, then the character speaks and/or sings in that language as well as English.

Guido Contini (tenor): Italian, 40ish. Irresistibly handsome. “God’s gift to woman.” Masculine, charming, seductive, but childlike. “Guido’s Song” and “Only with You.”

Young Guido: Italian, age 9-14. “Getting Tall.”

Louisa (mezzo/belt): Italian, late 30s. Guido’s long suffering wife. Ying to his yang. Attractive, very pulled together, and self actualized. “Be On Your Own” “My Husband Makes Movies.”

Carla (extreme range-belt to soprano): Italian, mid 20s. Guido’s mistress. Centerfold beautiful. Sensual, sexual. Scantily clad. Physically demanding acrobatic role. “Call from the Vatican” “Simple.”

Lillian LaFleur (mezzo/belt): French, 60+ but in great shape. Guido’s Producer. Once owner of the Folies Bergere. Theatrical, elegant, bombastic. “Folies Bergere.”

Claudia (soprano): 30s. Italian film star. Classic beauty. Poised, graceful—the idealization of the perfect woman. Guido’s muse. “In a Very Unusual Way.”

Guido’s Mother (soprano): Italian, 60+. Loving, beatific, austere—not a “Mama.” (Guido comes from wealth). She has a regal bearing. “Nine.”

Serraghinna (mezzo/belt): Italian, 40+. Once beautiful Rubanesque prostitute now gone to seed and quite insane. Also plays The Nun. “Be Italian” Ti Voglio Bene.”

Stephanie Necrophorus (belt): American, 30+. A hard-edged dominatrix of a woman. Hates everything. Aggressive but not mannish. Patter section of “Folies Bergere” “The Trouble with Contini…”

Mama Maddelena (mezzo): Italian, 40+. Felliniesque (Amacorde). Exaggerated hourglass shape, quirky beauty, voluptuous. “Germans at the Spa.”

Our Lady of the Spa (mezzo): No nationality or accent. Ageless beauty. Lighter than air she floats through scenes—an enigmatic presence. Beginning of the Boudoir section of “Grand Canal” “Every Girl in Venice…”

The following should prepare any song from the show:

Lina Darling: LaFleur’s mysterious attendant (Bodyguard? Lover?) very like Grace Jones. Virtually silent.

There will also be 4 female identifying ensemble members who play a number of other roles such as Germans, Italians, Reporters, The Congress of Women, Maria, Diana and others.

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