I’m Lana Russell and  I’m reaching out from The Orchard Project, an organization devoted to developing and accelerating the new work of artists in theater, television, and more. 

Every summer for the past several years, The Orchard Project moves from New York City to Saratoga Springs for the summer where we run our residency programs and community events—making space for artists to work and live together and for the surrounding community to engage with their creative output through events and more. We are very excited to support the development of some brand new, incredibly innovative and diverse projects this summer and looking to cast local actors.

Rehearsal in the week of July 5th

Public showings in our festival July 8-10th


Must be able to provide own travel to Saratoga Springs for rehearsal and public showings. Local actors only.



ONCE UPON A TRA IN PUERTO RICO by Nelson Diaz-Marcano, directed by Rebecca Aparicio 

A coming of age tale that relates the birth of Reggaeton with the decolonization of a whole generation of Puerto Ricans, celebrating Puerto Rico’s rich musical traditions while telling a story that explores how a whole generation decided to stop the assimilation and start the decolonization of their culture. 

  1. Miguel: Afro Boricua male, teens
  2. Miramar: Light skin Puerto Rican, female,  20s// Desiree: Afro boricua, female, teenager
  3. Mami: Puerto Rican woman, late 50s-60s, light skin
  4. Manny: Nerdy Puerto Rican, Male,  teenager

*Doubling of Desiree and Miramar

**Singing/rapping (or willingness to learn/play) will be needed for most roles.

THE DOUBLE[S] by Winnie Kemp

One day, Alice shows up at work and is stunned to meet her doppelganger, Celia, a transfer from the UK who is her more confident, carefree double. After Celia leapfrogs over Alice for a promotion, Alice is invited to a mysterious support group of other people whose doubles are ruining their lives.

Character descriptions: 

ALICE – early 30’s, Asian-American,  little neurotic, and very Type A, self-misdiagnoses her anxiety as lactose intolerance

CELIA – early 30’s, British by way of Hong Kong, Alice’s more confident, glamorous double, played by the same actress as Alice but with a posh British accent

PALOMA “PM” MOLINA  – late 40’s, ageless founder and She-E-O of Truuly, a goop like wellness company. She leveraged her mediocre pop music career into a booming business selling overpriced, medically questionable wellness treatments and products.

DONOVAN – late 20’s, Alice’s best friend and work husband, has a multiple drawers full of expensive face creams but will deny it to the grave, exploring his bisexuality

ELENA – 40’s, founder of Alter Ego, the support group for people whose doppelgangers are ruining their lives, former stay at home mom who definitely sells essential oils in an MLM scheme

DEDE  – 17, future Mae Jemison with the mouth of Richard Pryor, a brilliant student, who bounces in and out of school because of her health struggles with Lyme Disease. 

JEREMY – late 60’s, South African expat, half grizzly bear, half teddy bear

  2. DEDE* / WAITER 

*Note roles are doubled.

Please contact lana@orchardproject.com to submit a headshot and resume for consideration.

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