We are still in need of a male identifying actor (late 20s-early 40s) to portray the small role (one scene) for the Schuylerville Community Theater’s production of BUTTERFLIES ARE FREE.

Ralph Austin: The young, somewhat slimy, avant-garde director of Jill’s new show. He is more than thrilled to have the amorous attention of the pretty young girl. He is excited to meet Don after everything Jill has told him about Don’s life. Ralph is unaware of the effect his words and presence have on everyone in the apartment when he shows up late at night with Jill. 

Limited rehearsals prior to the last two weeks until the show, which plays November 11-13 at the Saratoga Town Hall in Schuylerville, where all rehearsals will be.

If interested, contact the director via email at garrettdwest@gmail.com.

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