Announcing auditions for Bunbury Players’ production THE HEIDI CHRONICLES

Written by Wendy Wassterstein
Directed by Amy Hausknecht

Saturday, September 10th at 1PM
Saratoga Springs Public Library
Dutcher Community Room

No preparation needed – you will be asked to do cold readings from the script

**Proof of vaccination REQUIRED to audition!

All roles are open to performers of all ages, ethnicities and gender identities.

Heidi Holland: We see her from her late teens to her late 30s; an art historian and writer, highly articulate, intelligent, thoughtful; we see her journey over almost 25 years from a high school student to an accomplished writer and new mother; throughout this time, Heidi maintains her values, ideals, and loyalties while many of her friends adjust theirs to fit the social and political climate of the times; she is a serious and good person with an ironic sense of humor, who struggles to understand her place and identity in a changing world.

Scoop Rosenbaum: Heidi’s sometime lover, a charismatic, Jewish journalist with irresistible charm and sex appeal; he’s an insightful, successful, well-educated overachiever who is attractive and self-centered; incredibly smart, with an ability to think on his feet and an uncanny understanding of the way the world works, he knows exactly how to make it work for him; self-confident and warm, he loves Heidi deeply but knows that she’s not the right match for him.

Peter Patrone: We see him from his late teens through his late 30s; Heidi’s best friend, a fiercely clever and literate pediatrician; he is by turns both sensitive and cynical; charming and witty, he and Heidi meet at a high school dance and forge a friendship which will last for years; thoughtful, articulate, warm, charming, with a real depth of feeling.

Susan Johnston: We see her from her late teens through her late 30s; Heidi’s oldest friend who throws herself fully into whatever she pursues in life; we see her journey from a high school student obsessed with boys, to a feminist law student, to a Supreme Court clerk, to a member of a Montana women’s collective, to a Hollywood studio executive; intelligent, bold, direct, though not terribly introspective; she seems to change identities with the changing world and current fashion but is fully committed to every identity she assumes.

Fran/Molly/Betsy/April: Fran is a lesbian graduate student in a women’s rap group in the early ‘70s, opinionated, authoritative, and warm; Molly is a member of a Montana women’s collective; Betsy is a pregnant magazine editor; smart, sardonic, down to earth; April is the glib, well-dressed host of “Hello New York,” a TV talk show, who leads the glamorous life of a media star and is able to talk about anything regardless of whether she knows anything about it.

Jill/Debbie/Lisa: Jill is a sheltered, repressed, yet cheerful suburban housewife and mother whose self-awareness blossoms through her participation in a women’s rap group in the early ‘70s. Debbie is an activist protesting the lack of inclusion of women artists at a museum; she is committed and carries a bullhorn. Lisa is Scoop’s wife, a children’s book illustrator “from the best Jewish family in Memphis,” attractive, traditional, optimistic, and good-hearted.

Becky/Denise/Clara: Becky is a teenage waif at a women’s rap group in the early ‘70s; she has stumbled upon the group because she has no one else to turn to; utterly sincere, vulnerable, and trusting. Denise is a young professional woman of the ‘80s, a bright, attractive, ambitious, educated yuppie in her 20s; energetic, successful, doesn’t question herself or her world.

Chris Boxer/Mark/TV Technician/Waiter/Ray: One actor to play five distinctly different roles. Chris Boxer is a prep-school student council president at a school dance in 1964; Mark is a nice young man who has been watching Nixon’s resignation; Ray is an anesthesiologist, kind and intelligent.

– Tuesdays & Thursdays from 7PM-9PM
– Saturdays from 1PM-5PM
Beginning Saturday, September 17th at the Prince of Peace Lutheran Church in Clifton Park

Tech Week Schedule (Albany Barn)
– Saturday, October 29th (Load-In) – 8AM
– Sunday, October 30th – 1PM Call
(Dark Monday, October 31st)
– Tuesday, November 1st – 7PM Call
– Wednesday, November 2nd – 7PM Call
– Thursday, November 3rd – 7PM Call (Invited Dress)

NO ABSENCES permitted during tech week.

Performances at The Albany Barn
– Friday, November 4th at 8PM
– Saturday, November 5th at 8PM
– Sunday, November 6th at 2PM

If you have any questions, please contact the director via email at

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