The Bunbury Players are still in search of two male-presenting actors to portray two wonderfully written characters in The Heidi Chronicles!

Scoop Rosenbaum: Heidi’s sometime lover, a charismatic, Jewish journalist with irresistible charm and sex appeal; he’s an insightful, successful, well-educated overachiever who is attractive and self-centered; incredibly smart, with an ability to think on his feet and an uncanny understanding of the way the world works, he knows exactly how to make it work for him; self-confident and warm, he loves Heidi deeply but knows that she’s not the right match for him.

Peter Patrone: We see him from his late teens through his late 30s; Heidi’s best friend, a fiercely clever and literate pediatrician; he is by turns both sensitive and cynical; charming and witty, he and Heidi meet at a high school dance and forge a friendship which will last for years; thoughtful, articulate, warm, charming, with a real depth of feeling. 

Rehearsals are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7-9p and Saturdays from 1-5p at the Prince of Peace Church in Clifton Park. The play will be presented the first weekend in November at the Albany Barn.

If interested, please contact director Amy Hausknecht via email at

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