The Easthampton Theater Company is excited to announce auditions for its debut production of the remarkable Tony and Olivier award-winning play God of Carnage, by Yasmina Reza. We are seeking three talented and dedicated actors with a strong sense of comedic timing for the roles of Alan, Annette and Michael. The role of Veronica has been cast.

Synopsis: When two boys get into a playground fight, their parents sit down to talk it out and try to resolve matters like civilized adults. What could possibly go wrong? Well, everything! God of Carnage is a tense and at times hilarious comedic drama that explores the pitfalls of modern parents as they try – and fail – to bridge their differences. While confronting one another, they devolve through the course of the show to their most basic, and profoundly flawed, instincts.

The show is directed by Jason Rose-Langston and produced by Michael O. Budnick.
We are conducting auditions by appointment only for the following roles (all ages are stage playing ages):

Annette: Age range 30s to 50s. Annette is a professional woman; very well put together and struggling to raise her son well while maintaining a manicured front of wealth and privilege. Image is everything for her, however she does not shy away from the messy work of being a mother. She is also very proud and emotional about her expensive belongings..

Michael: Age range 30s to 50s. Michael is married to Veronica, grew up working class, and supports his family through his own business, while his wife pursues a life of art, culture, and social justice. He is a rough, but good hearted father, and has a crippling phobia of hamsters.

Alan: Age range 30s to 50s. Married to Annette, Alan is a high powered lawyer in a three piece suit every day of his life. He is bold, self assured, and solely committed to his work. He is detached from his family, and constantly working on one case or the next. He has the emotional compartmentalization that only lawyers can achieve, and is proud of it. He truly believes in the “god of carnage” – who in his view presides over our more visceral human nature..

This is a four-person show, and all four actors are on stage for the duration. Performances will be held at the Easthampton Town Hall in The Blue Room and are scheduled for May 11th through May 14, 2023. Rehearsals will begin the first week of March in or near Easthampton and will be scheduled based on cast and crew availability – likely one evening and one weekend time per week. Tech week begins May 6th and some availability will be required that weekend as well as full availability in the evenings the entire following week.

Auditions will be by appointment only.. If you would like to schedule an audition or would like more information or for any questions/concerns, please contact the production team. For auditions, please prepare a short monologue (no more than 2-5 minutes) for your audition. Your monologue should show us both your dramatic skills and comedic timing. You will also be asked to read with other actors or production team members from sides provided in advance of auditions. Sides and a pdf of the script are available at the link below for perusal. Callbacks may be arranged as necessary.

Easthampton Theater Company is a new production group created by Easthampton and nearby residents to bring quality community theater productions to the City. With the support of local businesses, patrons and theater aficionados, ETC strives to become the premiere theatrical venue for locally produced theater within the burgeoning arts scene based in Easthampton. Our website is under development and you can also see news about the organization in this facebook group, and be sure to like our facebook page under development.

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